Catch & Release Brought To You By Obama & Friends

April 3, 2018

It’s a catchy phrase, but just what does it mean? “Catch & Release” is not about preserving future fishing populations. It’s another cute way that the Obama administration basically opened our Southern border and sent out the clarion call to all 3rd world countries, “Come on up”. Then we house them, feed them and bestow upon them many privileges not afforded US citizens all at taxpayer expense. They even have activist groups who’ve hired lawyers to defend illegals and teach them what to say to Border Patrol to ensure they are not detained.

Well a “caravan” of illegal immigrants, much like the Muslim migrant hoards swarming into Germany and all over Europe for the last few years, is heading to our border and President Trump is finally putting his foot down. He’s sending the military in to guard our borders he says until the wall is built and our laws are strengthened. He’s using the NAFTA renegotiation as a carrot for Mexico to quit allowing all the immigrants through their country.

The Catch & Release policy has not been stopped and it allows illegal aliens to leave federal custody until their court date, but the backlog is huge and guess what? Most of them disappear in towns and cities all across the country never to be seen again until they turn up in Sanctuary Cities, again protecting illegal aliens in favor of US citizens. They are aided and abetted by bleeding heart liberal groups like Catholic Charities, etc., who place them in your town and mine, nor is this invasion voluntary either. And by the way, why are the libs & RINOs complaining about the cost of the wall? Illegal immigration is costing the US $135 billion/year with a B. It’s gotta change. Do you think anyone else would have the cajones to do it? I don’t.

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