Two new coal plants a week, but we’re on thin ice and time is running out!

March 25, 2023

China has the fastest growing economy in the world! Just take a glance at this video on the Chinese Modern Wonders and tell me if you think China is a 3rd world, developing country and as such should have no burden of cleaning up the air, taking care of the environment or any other climate mitigations dreamed up by the United Nations (tied to the hip and in the pocket of the Chinese) and constantly being foisted on the United States and western Europe.

That’s right in all these dire restrictions the UN, the rest of the suckers and the World Economic Forum types, the globalists, and our own government are telling us is a matter of life or death and that we are all at peril of extinction if we do not change. Change means, no more fossil fuels, no more driving our cars, no more methane-producing cows, eat bugs, not meat and 15-minute cities. Here’s Katie Hopkins’ take on 15-minute cities –

And Tucker Carlson is exactly right. Our government and and the mainstream media all want us looking over here at this or that shiny object.

Don’t fall for it! If the planet was in such trouble from rising sea waters why do the elites have so many waterfront homes? Why do they always fly to Davos for the World Economic Forum meetings on private jets and drive fancy gas-guzzling cars? All animal life thrives on and needs CO2. Carbon Dioxide is NOT a pollutant. Wake up and stay free!

Remember, we’re all in this together! But remember when the FBI and the DOJ used to be our friends? Not anymore. They are tools of the Biden Administration to punish anyone opposing them. They are pushing for a Civil War. Don’t be goaded into it. Never submit, but keep it peaceful. It’s time for the Great Awakening.

Aloha, Mikie (just a blogger, fighting like a girl)

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