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April 21, 2020

The New York metro area has 52% of the total WuFlu cases & deaths. If half the country’s deaths were in Montana, (which currently has 428 cases & 12 deaths) would New York shut down? Would Governor Cuomo & Bill (Comrade) De Basio  torpedo their entire economy? Would they close all their schools, restaurants, cafes, Broadway and small businesses? I don’t think so. Hat-tip Dennis Prager, read more here.

Is there a reason why Democrat governors want to jettison the economy? Could it be the election 6 months down the road? They had to do something to kill the economic momentum Donald Trump has created. Imagine the best job numbers and the lowest unemployment numbers POTUS created in the last three years. Imagine how destructive they’ve had to become having failed with the Russia collusion fairy-tale, Ukraine and impeachment, and the only choice left in November for Democrats boiled down to socialism or senility. This virus came to them like manna from heaven and they are loving it!

It’s true, the ones running amuck with our liberties are mostly Democrat governors & mayors (don’t you dare call them Democratic governors -they are anything but)? The New Jersey mayor of Elizabeth City, NJ has released 5 drones over the city to monitor people gathering in public places. And get this. The drones donated by DJI, a Chinese company, have gone to 43 agencies in 22 states, all to help enforce social distancing rules. Authorities say the drones aren’t taking pictures or collecting evidence. They came from China and they’re not collecting data? Sure. There’s a camera on every one of them, and the data is probably going right back to China. Get a life!

Mayor Chris Bollwage, of Elizabeth City said this:

“Mayors need to be creative. We have to figure out a way to get to people that police cars can’t get to. If these drones save one life, it is clearly worth the activity and the information.”

NY City Mayor De Blasio sees himself as helpful too. He set up a social distancing tip line where people can rat out their neighbors & friends. Unfortunately it’s not going so well for him. The tip line has been flooded with penis photos & Hitler memes. Hey, put me in the camp that says he sorta asked for it, didn’t he?

And in California, this:

Fight for your freedom or lose it!

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