Let Us Reminisce For One Glorious Moment – Election Night 1 Year Ago

November 9, 2017

A year ago yesterday I fondly remember the better part of the evening, once it looked like a possible Trump victory anyway, texting my sister-in-law and a longtime friend back and forth, over and over as the election results trickled in. And they’re both on the East Coast so it was late for them! “Hey he just won Florida and he’s ahead in  Ohio, North Carolina and Pennsylvania!” Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada and Utah for a long time were too close to call, but one by one states never expected to go Red fell to Trump and the electoral votes (sorry CA & NY we don’t elect our presidents by popular vote!) continued to climb for Trump. The national electoral map of the 2016 election is a beauty to behold.

The red states are the ones Donald Trump won. Thirty in all. It wasn’t even close. But they just can’t shut-up about the popular vote. Keep in mind it only took the popular votes in California & New York for (lock-her-up!) Hillary to win the popular vote which is exactly why we do not elect presidents by a popular vote. There would be no point in Rhode Island, Hawaii, Wyoming, etc., to go to the polls. Under the popular vote they don’t have enough population for their votes to count and somehow the Founders figured that out 230 some years ago! We are a Constitutional Republic (govt by representation), not a Democracy (majority rule).

Let’s review the reaction from the newsrooms election night for some more fun. This the first time BTW, I have ever agreed with Chris Matthews.

And here is some more recorded history of the left losing it on election night 2016.

Oh it was fun wasn’t it?

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

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‘Tell Me the Difference Between You and a Socialist’

August 2, 2015

Chris Matthews to Debbie Wasserman Schultz:  should Bernie Sanders as an admitted Socialist, speak at the Democratic National Convention? Then to put a fine point on it he asks a question I often ponder:

“What’s the difference between a democrat and a socialist?”

And BTW, DWS would probably love Bernie to speak in prime time because he’s so radical (praises the idea of returning to a 90% tax rate) he will make even Hillary Rotten Clinton look mild.

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

It’s Only Just Begun, But I’m Sick Already

May 17, 2011

Hard-head, Hardball host, Chris Matthews can’t help himself. He along with the usual race-baiting libs like David Gregory of “Meet the Press” (and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and Jimmy Carter and Sheila Jackson and Charlie Rangel and Michael Moore and the NAACP, Joy Behar, Jeremiah Wright, and John Conyers, etc., etc., there’s no shortage (not to mention the Hispanic race-baiters over immigration), just have to inject racism into politics at every opportunity.

But they are the very racists!

The trump card they love to play

Matthews and Gregory contend that the mere mention of food stamps (code for racism), by Newt Gingrich in a speech recently points unfairly to the black population. But wait, that’s an outright presupposition from them that somehow food stamps usage is equated with African-Americans, otherwise, why would that be racist?

Gingrich, who recently announced his presidential candidacy is well on the road to burying himself, by himself needing no help from Chris ‘like a thrill running up my leg’ Mathew’s. But it still galls me to keep hearing the race thing over and over again. It’s almost always a deflection or diversion from the truth. Like the NAACP calling Tea Party members racists juxtaposed to the New Black Panther Party thugs celebrating cop-killers (along with the American Federation of Teachers, I might add). Gimme shelter for God sakes.

Back to Newt’s point in calling Obama the Food Stamp President, his point was that the uber-spending coupled with his business and job-killing policies from a non-existent energy plan to a massively expanded federal government with the myriad of rules, regs, fees and paperwork, continues to cost jobs and has necessitated a huge increase in food stamps usage in all states across the country, with 1 in 7 nationally on food stamp assistance.

According to KGMB News in Honolulu, Hawaii’s food stamp usage has increased over last year with nearly 12% of our population on food stamps. Is this racist? I don’t think so considering that African Americans make up only about 1.8% of Hawaii’s population.

Most Americans vote for a person’s policies, not because of the color of their skin. Those who voted for Obama out of ‘white guilt’ in 2008 for fear of being tagged racist will surely vote against Obama in 2012 for fear of be called idiots -based solely on his policies.

Aloha, Mikie


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