Infrastructure my arse!

August 10, 2021

Do our roads, bridges, ports and airports, etc., need upgrading? Do they ever, but let’s don’t kid ourselves or let them kid you. The bill is over 2,700 pages long but that’s par for the course. Remember the rule of thumb – the bigger the bill the more crap hidden in it. Just like big government, the bigger it gets, the more crap.

Congress Piles the Pork into Hurricane Sandy Relief | The ...

So let’s look at some of the crap:

Some new streets built will be porous to allow water to pass through into the topsoil. Eco-friendly, you know and harder to install and much more difficult to maintain. Built to woke-green standards, but not long lasting or practical.

A “Women of Trucking Advisory Board” will be created to support the pursuit and retention of careers in trucking. Women working in transportation will be categorized as “socially & economically disadvantaged” individuals by the bill, especially any non-white women.

A plan to end all traffic deaths! This will be accomplished by installing automatic speed limit enforcement devices, monitoring drivers for tiredness & distraction and collecting vehicle data and linking all vehicles by wireless devices. Harmful and intrusive 5G no doubt. ($550 million)

$127.5 million for Training and Education -so teachers can learn more ways to get out of teaching

$50 million for a per-mile road usage fee pilot program

$10 Billion to Create a ‘Civilian Climate Corp’

$20 Billion to ‘Advance Racial Equity and Environmental Justice’

$100 Billion for New Public Schools and Making School Lunches ‘Greener’

$175 Billion in Subsidies for Electric Vehicles

$100 Billion to Expand Broadband Internet (And Government Control of It)

. . . and on and on when we’re all worried about the cost of groceries and gas.

Remember, we’re all in this together! (oh, except for all government employees, politicians (especially the “sophisticated vaccinated” elites), teachers, and all public sector union members, who all got full pay, benefits & pensions throughout the Plan-demic). The FBI and the DOJ used to be our friends. Not anymore. Wake-up sheeple.

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