This CNN Commentator Is Pissed To Hear The Truth From Syrian Gas Survivor

April 9, 2017

They’re just asking for consequences. BTW, over 2.5 million views. Please pass this around!

Just look at ‘blondie’s’ (CNN host Brooke Baldwin) expression. What a sour-puss. She’s pissed, irritated beyond belief at what she’s hearing. Kassem Eid, a survivor of a chemical attack launched by Assad in 2013, said he was overwhelmed with joy when he learned of Trump’s attack.

And when asked by bimbo Brooke Baldwin didn’t he feel Trump was being hypocritical by defending Syrians in once instance and temporarily refusing to let Syrian refugees enter the country. His reply, “In all due respect –

“If you really care about refugees, if you really care about helping us, please help us stay in our country,” Eid continued. “We don’t want to come to the United States. We want to stay in our country. We want to stay in our country, with all due respect. This is hypocrisy. If you really care, if you really care, help us stay in our country.”

Syrians don’t want to be refugees, they want to stay in their own country. Trump and many others on the right have been saying this all along. We don’t need to topple Assad (how’d that work out in Iraq or Libya or anyplace else in the Middle East?), we need to build safe zones in Syria and provide food, medical and other humanitarian aid, and we need to fortify and protect those safe zones. Let’s learn from past mistakes for gosh sake!

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