This a Direct Result of The Left’s Open Border Policy

June 11, 2014

Hat-tip The Blaze. Think about this when you hear the lib-tards in Congress yammering on about the dire need for Immigration reform. We DO NOT need comprehensive immigration reform.

We just need existing laws enforced!

Silver or lead

Found on Texas bilboard:  Silver or Lead? Pay up or else

An El Paso, Texas police officer checks a makeshift mannequin recently left hanging on a billboard along with the message, “silver or lead” in Spanish, a threat heard in Mexico signifying pay up or get shot. El Paso police were investigating two mysterious messages painted onto billboards in the border city that included mannequins dressed in suits hanging from nooses.

children at borderAll the unaccompanied minor children flooding our border states is also a direct result of Obama’s open-door policy to countries to our south. These kids will likely start school in the USA in less than 3 months. Who will care for & pay to support these kids? US taxpayers! When does this stop? When does Congress stand up for something? Where’s the rule of law?

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You Wanna Know Why?

December 8, 2010

Here’s why people voted the old guard out last month. I’m so mad I could spit! I just called both Hawaii’s Representatives on learning that the Dream Act (to be voted on this afternoon, maybe an hour from now) looks like it will be defeated in the Senate but still has a chance in the HOUSE.

But here’s what tees me off big-time. They don’t want to hear from you. They’ve already made up their mind how they’re voting. Mazie (as in lazy-‘why think for yourself when you can just vote along party lines?’) Hirono’s office flunky answering the phone said she did not know how Rep. Hirono would be voting, but she’d be happy to take a message.

Me:  “No, I want to speak to someone who knows how the Representative intends to vote. They are voting this afternoon and I want to know!”

She:  “Just a minute please” (with a barely disguised sigh), then “I’m sorry there’s nobody here you can speak with but I can take a message”.

Me:  “This is bogus, the vote is in an hour, she knows and you know how she’s voting. She represents us, we pay her salary. Please tell her I strongly urge her not to vote for the Dream Act, it’s nothing more than amnesty for illegals. Tell them to shut the border then begin a legal systemic way for people to enter this country and become citizens.”

But you know what? It’s not going to change unless we’re all willing to push back, and keep doing it until we become more than simply a nuisance. The very future of our country depends on it. So here it is again. No matter where you live:

Contact your Senators here.

Contact your Representatives here.

Capitol Switchboard is: 202-224-3121

Please cut & paste the above links and the capitol switchboard phone number and use them often! AND SHARE THEM (links below). Our job is far from over.

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While You Were Asleep

April 29, 2010

I think those of us who really care about this country need to start a tag-team sleep effort so nothing gets by in the dark of night.

Did you know that the House of Representatives voted today, Thursday, April 29, 2010 – in favor of a 2-step ballot measure for Puerto Rico to decide if its residents want to change their current relationship with the United States? Read more about it here.

The vote by the way, was 223-169 with Louise Slaughter, D-NY voting present -a trick our own President used often in his short career as a US Congressman so he would not later have to defend any unpopular votes.

Now understand that Puerto Rico has had the opportunity put to them 3 times in the past, “Do you want to become the 51st State?” and voted it down every time. So why the big push now? I’ll tell you what I think.

Those in favor of Comprehensive Immigration Reform (code for amnesty and open borders) figure why not throw another 4 million Hispanics in the mix to really get racial tensions roiling. The Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer version already in the works would give access to welfare and government benefits and citizenship to all who claim they were in the United States at the time of enactment of this proposal and including family members eligible for citizenship would be 17-22 million.

After all if you don’t think Arizona has a right to do what the federal government refused to do, that is, enforce the laws already on the books, then you are obviously a racist. Never mind that Phoenix is kidnap capital of the United States and that the drug cartels are encroaching further and further inside US territory everyday, and the all public services are stretched beyond their limit, and hospital and ERs operate at huge deficits, the public schools are beyond broke and on and on. All of these factors are the result of roughly 460,000 illegal immigrants in Arizona.

Like it or not Arizona had to take steps to protect its citizens and institutions where the federal government has utterly failed to do so. I’d love to see some of Arizona’s neighboring states pass the same sort of serious, we’re not gonna take it any more kinda laws to wake a few people up. And I think this Puerto Rican vote thing is to counter it. You will see and more on this issue because make no mistake, whichever side wins this humongous voting block will be in power forever.

So you best be taking me serious when I say we need a tag-team on duty at all times to make sure these things don’t keep happening in the middle of the night, much less in broad damn daylight!

Aloha, Mikie

Remember in November!

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