Eight Rules for RINOs (Republicans in Name Only)

February 26, 2015

Hat-tip Mark Levin for pointing this out on his radio show yesterday, though it’s from ConservativeReview.com. As you may or may not know all or most of the newly elected or reelected Senators last November campaigned on two major issues: repealing Barrycare and stopping Obama’s illegal & unconstitutional executive amnesty. Of course we all know where that’s going and here’s why.RINOs

Here are the 8 rules for RINOs so you can spot them quickly whenever you hear them talking (if their lips are moving they are most likely lying!)

  1. Bait & Switch; politics over principle or don’t fight now, fight later. Example:  AR-R Senator Jeff Flake (how fitting), admitted to lying when he was asked if he would honor his term limit commitment made when he ran for election.
  2. Show Me The Money; votes win elections, money is needed to get votes and special interest has lots of money.
  3. Fear; instill fear in the voter. You don’t want a Democrat in office, so no matter how bad I turned out, you will vote for the RINO (how many times have we all done this??).
  4. Governing; code for capitulation. Anyone using this word is likely a RINO.
  5. Double Standard; they moan about conservative primary challenges, but 2 years away from their next election they will spend million$ bashing conservatives as the far-right fringe of the party, whack-o birds, etc.
  6. Me Too;  RINOs claim to agree with Democrats with only moderating differences so they appear socially acceptable and not extremist, and they both end up on the same side, the RINOs just take longer to arrive at the liberal destination.
  7. Pragmatic; code for “not conservative”, the implication being conservatism is ideological while liberalism is just plain reality. This gives RINOs cover to accept the liberal world view. “We must have highways & bridges, therefore the pragmatic thing is to raise the gas tax”. The pragmatic question is how much the gas tax should be raised, never “should we put states in charge of funding their own highways and abolish the federal gas tax”?
  8. Preemptive Surrender; McConnell & Boehner both announced right after the sweeping mid-term victory they would not under any circumstances shut down the government signaling to the Dems loud & clear they can hold firm and not negotiate.

So pay attention and when you spot these behaviors you know you’re dealing with the RINO establishment. If you aren’t sure check Conservative Review’s Liberty Scorecard -the lower the score, the odds are your member is a RINO.

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