Truth Is The New Hate Speech. How Conservative Can You Be To Ignore Jihad & Sharia Law Escalating All Over The World?

March 20, 2013

These previous CPAC speakers, Robert Spencer & Pamela Geller were banned from CPAC (the Conservative Political Action Conference) this year, but how conservative can this group be if they are not even presenting the number one threat to freedom and mankind, the threat of totalitarianism?

First from Robert Spencer:

“Barack Obama has completely aligned this nation with the Muslim Brotherhood. He has supported all the demonstrators on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood and groups planning to institute Islamic pro-Sharia regimes. The only two he has not supported are the 2 that have demonstrated against Islamic Sharia supremacist regimes; the democratic uprisings in Iran in 2009 and the demonstrators in Egypt today fighting the Muslim Brotherhood takeover there.”

And Pamela Geller: 

“Under the blasphemy laws of sharia you cannot criticize or offend Islam. You are a racist, Islamophobic, anti-Muslim bigot if you touch this subject.”

Jes sayin’

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The Donald Nails It

February 13, 2011

I like what Donald Trump says, but who could ever take him seriously as a presidential candidate with that hair-do? His handlers surely must have advised him to lose it, wouldn’t you think?

But hey, maybe the Donald doesn’t have handlers. That would be a plus on the ‘he’s genuine’ scale but still, I like what he says. He’s right on in regard to China:

  • They are making a laughing stock of America
  • They take our money (in trade), suck it out of us -then lend it back to us!
  • Their products are 100% inferior (remember the pet food, toothpaste, lead-tainted toys and jewelery, and bad drywall?)
  • They lie and cheat at the Olympic games
  • Their human rights and environmental record is a travesty, and
  • Trump would slap a 25% tax on all Chinese imports immediately to bring them to honest negotiations on the currency manipulation

Imagine the irony of Obama, last years Nobel Prize winner (yeah, go figure) rolling out the red carpet for Chinese President Hu, whos own Nobel Peace Prize winner is detained in prison!

And Trump is right, Ron Paul will never win the GOP nomination, despite winning the straw poll at CPAC for the 2nd year in a row. Paul’s winning appeal is that he talks honestly about the real issues most Americans care about (sounds like Palin -even though she’s not electable either). But Paul doesn’t believe he’ll get the nomination either.

His job and he’s great at it, is to raise the tough issues other candidates will only skirt around.

He’ll be great in the debates because he’ll force other candidates to go on record regarding these ‘land mine’ issues. BTW, Romney doesn’t have a chance either unless he convincingly denounces Romneycare (Obamacare light), which so far he hasn’t done.

Aloha, Mikie

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