How Much Clearer Can It Be? Nobama is a Muslim Sympathizer & Has Stacked White House & Agencies with Muslims

June 26, 2014

It’s called civilization jihad. They clean up their act, put on a suit & tie or a nice dress (the men always have beards as required of Muslims) and infiltrate every aspect of our lives; the media, our military (Major Nadal Hassan), our school systems, every level of government, even our Christian churches. Then they send tentacles out and do their dirty work from within. Some examples are Huma Abedin (former chief of staff for Hillary Clinton), Grover Norquist (head of Americans for Tax Reform), US Representative Keith Elison (who used a Koran when sworn into office) and US Representative Andre Carson of Indiana. The Muslim chaplaincy services for the militar and prisons (a great recruiting gound for radical Islam) were started by Abdurrahman Alamoudi, who was convicted in 2003 on terrorism-related charges. The list goes on and on.

And today’s story  is of a guy who is a Senior Dept. of Homeland Security advisor, and where else would a good Muslim insert him or herself?

Elibiary-Caliphate-Tweet-HPHere is the story in part:  reblogged from The Clarion Project.

A firestorm has erupted online after senior Department of Homeland Security advisor Mohamed Elibiary tweeted that a “Caliphate” is inevitable and compared it to the European Union.

He also recently criticized “drive-by” attacks on Islamism. Elibiary has a history of pro-Muslim Brotherhood advocacy and has close ties to a Hamas financier.

Elibiary is on the Department of Homeland Security’s Advisory Council. He is also a long-time official in the Texas Republican Party and was a delegate for Republican presidential nominee John McCain in 2008.

As Clarion Project  reported in May 2013, Elibiary sat on a committee tasked with reviewing counter-terrorism training guidelines. The result was predictable: An Islamist-friendly product designed to marginalize Muslim reformers and Brotherhood opponents.

On June 13, Elibiary tweeted that the creation of a caliphate is “inevitable,” and America’s choice is whether to support it or not. He inferred that he wants the U.S. to support a future caliphate, framing it as a Muslim version of the European Union. The tweet is below:

Online supporters of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), a terrorist group that fights to reestablish the caliphate with Baghdad as its capital, distributed and praised Elibiary’s tweet.

In a follow-up tweet, he claimed that both political parties are “heading in that direction” of supporting a modern caliphate. As evidence, he pointed to the Bush Administration’s appointment of an envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference and the Obama Administration’s engagement of the Muslim Brotherhood.

In another tweet on June 21, Elibiary compared “drive by media slander of Islamism” to the segregation-era when African-Americans were treated as second-class citizens. In other words, the critics of the Islamist ideology are bigots.

Gee this bigot things if you criticize anyone sounds very familiar doesn’t it?

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