More mischief from US Federal judges & mistreatment of women

December 1, 2018

Each week that goes by it seems there is another Trump ruling struck down or overturned by a federal judge, with a lifetime appointment I might add! This time it wasn’t a Trump ruling, but I am sure he’d rule against it if he could. I’m talking about female genital mutilation. A federal judge in Detroit (which has the largest Muslim population in America) recently ruled that the ban on Female Genital Mutilation passed by Congress in 1996 is unconstitutional. WTF?

It’s a barbaric practice among Muslims where they cut the genitals of young girls to make sure they never enjoy sex. In some communities the procedure is carried out with razors, glass or scalpels. It’s fraught with many problems involving hemorrhaging, infections, difficulty with childbirth later in life, trouble urinating and many more.

This is done without consent of the child or even knowledge of what is being done to her or why. Parents, yes even mothers of these children are all in.

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