Europe is Committing Cultural Suicide, And America Is Not Far Behind

November 16, 2015

Watch this shocking display of cultural suicide: It’s a little long, but take a peak, I’ll bet you can’t stop watching it because it’s so unbelievable!

Will it happen here? Yes if drastic steps are not taken and PDQ. From Daniel Horowitz at Conservative Review, here are 7 facts to consider:

  1. Numbers:  From 2001-2013, we have admitted approximately 1.6 million immigrants from Muslim countries, double the rate since 9/11.
  2. Recent Trend:  Immigration from Muslim countries is the fastest growing segment of our annual admissions.
  3. Trajectory:  Muslim population is expected to triple by 2050 – from 2.77 million to 8.1 million. It will surpass the Jewish population by 2014.
  4. Student Visas In 2014, the State Department granted roughly 54,000 student visas to Saudi nationals. The Saudi student visa population as grown ten-fold since 9/11. Arabic is the fastest growing languages on US campuses.
  5. Arabs Dominate Refugee Program: Arabic is the most common language spoken by refugees and that has been the case for over a decade.
  6. The US Hosts The Largest Share of Refugees from High Risk Countries:  America has admitted 135,545 refugees from Iraq alone since FY 2007.  After admitting over 100,000 Somali refugees from 1993-2013, we are still bringing in up to 10,000 more each year.
  7. Sentiments of American Muslims:  According to a poll commissioned by the Center for Security Policy, 51% of Muslims living in America believe “Muslims in America should have the choice of being governed according to sharia.” Twenty-nine percent of males under 45 believe that violence against America is justified in order to make Sharia the law of the land.

Donald Trump talks a lot about building a wall and shipping back 12-23 millions illegal immigrants over our southern border but we had better put the brakes on the refugee program practiced in the US. I’ve been studying Spanish thinking it would soon come in handy, but I can see now Arabic would be a lot more useful ~that and a few guns.

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