I Second That Emotion

September 9, 2017

Here I am the day before blowing this pop stand called the Big Island. Yes, island fever is a real thing. I get so tired of the same restaurants, the politics and even some of our neighbors-ha! But you can imagine the day before departure you’re running around like a mad-man, doing laundry (I insist on changing the sheets just prior to when we leave so when we get to come back it’s not only our own bed, but also clean, crisp sheets), counting out our vitamins, printing our boarding passes (crap, no pre-check this time!) and packing for not only me, but also Mickey. He’s one of these ‘just stuff it in there’ kinda guys, then he wonders why his clothes look like he slept in them. I have a method and it works!

So I’m wondering if I’ll have time to post just one more blog before I leave and then switch to a travelog to give all of you a rest too. Then I came across this on YouTube from Candace Owens, aka Red Pill Black one of my favorites on Twitter, and problem solved. Oh but let me explain Red Pill Black. Red pill = accepting truth, which could be harsh & difficult, or Blue pill, meaning maintaining our blissful ignorance of the world. And Candace Owens is black, hence Red Pill Black.

Anyway, I couldn’t agree with Red Pill Black more! I second that emotion. According to Vanity Fair movie theater attendance is at a 19-low. They brought it on themselves. Most people, except their own kind are sick of them pontificating to everyone. They are perhaps the most out of touch people in the country ~except for politicians. And more and more people can really do without either one!

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

~Psst, tired of politics? Check out Travel in the Categories drop down menu. This trip is from Seattle -> via Old Hwy 2 (an east–west U.S. Highway) spanning 2,571 miles. We’re only going as far as Detroit for a family wedding.

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