Trump Already Creating Jobs By Hiring Actors to Fill His Campaign Announcement Event

June 19, 2015

There’s no getting around the fact that I like his promise to “Make America great again“. Who doesn’t? But you have to wonder what kind of president he’d make when his very first event right out the chute, his presidential campaign announcement event is padded with paid actors ($50 a pop according to The Hollywood Reporter) to fill the audience with enthusiastic Trump cheerleaders.

Sure he stirred up the crowd with his bold pronouncements:  “I’ll build the best wall ever and make Mexico pay for it; I’ll bring all the jobs back from China; I’ll deal with ISIS” bla-bla-bladdy-bla. But I guess you could say he’s already creating jobs, ha-ha!

It seems The Donald has like our current imperial president, forgotten all about the separation of powers and that it takes agreement from the Congress to pass all his lofty ideas. Still I do like his ideas a lot more than some others. What an interesting ‘silly season’ we’re already into.

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