Iceland and most on the left would have snuffer her out

June 17, 2019

This is a touching story that resulted in 20 million views on ESPN’s website -the most ever, BTW.

Amy Bockerstette, 20, a Phoenix area resident who has Down Syndrome was invited to take a swing during a Waste Management Phoenix Open practice round by Gary Woodland, the tournament’s defending champion (and winner of the US Open Championship yesterday). She ended up playing and parring the hole by way of a sand-trap, and charming everyone who witnessed it. Take a look.

And remember Iceland would have snuffed her in utero. Iceland has succeeded in reducing the number of Down Syndrome babies to almost zero. Read about it here. But Iceland is not alone. You can kill unwanted babies through all 9 months, in some states right here in America, nine states to be exact. The US is only one of seven countries that allow abortion after 20 weeks. More and more states allow you to kill the baby even if it survives abortion.

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