In case you thought Edward Snowden is a bad guy or even a traitor

September 5, 2020

I stumbled on the Joe Rogan podcast a few months ago and I really learn a lot from the people he interviews. You can also get all his interviews on YouTube. He interviews people from all ranges, many I’ve never heard of. These are long-form interviews which are really the only way you can glean what there interviewee is like. Most recently I watched an interview with Edward Snowden. Snowden was a whistle-blower who exposed the massive surveillance of all of us by the government. This is his story and it’s amazing. It’s long, but take it in bits and pieces or when you have time to sit down and take it all in.

President Trump said recently that he was “going to take a very good look” at the calls for Snowden’s pardon. There are understandably opinions on both sides of this issue, but I’m not sure he deserves to be a permanent resident of Russia for trying to protect our constitutional rights.

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Apple hits trillion dollar value and it ought to scare the crap out of You

August 14, 2018

Last Thursday Apple, the iPhone maker became the first publicly traded U.S. company to reach $1 trillion in valuation. I guess all the millennials and socialists these days who hate capitalism and big corporations ~who all have iPhones, are able to overlook Apple as a villain because they like their products so much. And that’s just the problem. We are being led around by our noses ~whether or not we get them out of our phones or not.








We’re all hooked on technology. But this should scare the crap out of us. Do you think it was coincidence that Apple, Facebook, YouTube and Spotify have taken action against Alex Jones (banning him permanently), all on the same day? Are they in collusion? BTW, these are private companies, so it’s not a 1st Amendment issue. They can do whatever they want. It’s only government that cannot block free speech (though they do it every day). Jones is a conspiracy theorist and pretty far out there sometimes, but why the pile on? Because they can. Alex Jones talked often about The Trilateral Commission. The line between conspiracy and truth is a blurry one. Senator Diane Feinstein (who we just learned had a Chinese spy as a driver for 20 years!) is a longtime member of the Trilateral Commission.

Apple owns more US Treasurys than many major countries and has more cash reserves than the US government, in fact the government is decidedly in the red whereas Apple as of April 2017 showed a Shareholder Equity of +$134 billion. According to if Apple were a foreign country, CEO Apple Tim Cook might have considerable political clout. Ya think?!

Some people are starting to see the danger of these globalist corporations and the future they envision. BTW, none of these big tech companies are conservative or believe in the Constitution. For example Google has listed ‘Nazism’ as the ideology of the California Republican Party.

Patrick Wood is one who does see the danger of these globalists, these technocrats. Technocracy is not a political system, but a system of societal control in order to manage all resources and all consumption. (First Amazon sold books, now they sell and deliver everything -including our food). Google, Apple, Facebook and other giant data hoarding companies are all on the same path. The synchronized shut-down of Alex Jones was a warning sign. When they want to flip the switch on us they can and they will. Facebook, Google and all the rest are surveillance companies rebranded as “Social Media” (Edward Snowden).

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What Does Treason Really Look Like?

June 12, 2013

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Treason ?


[tree-zuhn]  noun

1.  the offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill its sovereign.
2.  a violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state.
3.  the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.
1175–1225; Middle English tre ( i ) so ( u ) n  < Anglo-French; Old French traïson  < Latin trāditiōn-  (stem of trāditiō ) a handing over, betrayal,width-310,resizemode-4/edward-snowden-ex-cia-worker-who-blew-the-lid-on-nsas-surveillance-program.jpg
Is this man a traitor ?
Wouldn’t a case of Treason be exposing and identifying our U.S. Navy SEALs , by Team ID , after the successful killing of Osama bin Laden ? Wouldn’t treason be National Intelligence and security leaks by high ranking U.S. government officials , at the direction of the highest authorities  at a time when we are engaged in a to-the-death fight with a mortal and intractable enemy  ?
Wouldn’t treason be levying the strictest Rules of Engagement upon our countless active duty warfighter , soldiers , sailors , airmen and Marines in the field of combat and in the skies above? Preventing them from adequately defending themselves and allowing the enemy an easy ,well-defined pathway to attack our formations , and giving our real enemies ‘the edge’ upon the field of battle ?  Wouldn’t  treason be allowing our highest level special operations operators to be ‘set up’ by allowing lose information falling to enemy agents in theater and then sending them into a death trap ambush of their aging , unsupported helicopter, with no prepping or securing the hot LZ ,  just weeks after they took out Bin Laden , there to perish , one & all ?
[Extortion 17] , Wouldn’t  treason be funneling vast sums of money and equipment  to totally corrupt and evil regime leaders in Afghanistan ,  Egypt , Pakistan and Yemen , even when we know they are in league with our mortal sworn enemies and most likely are acting as blatant double agents for the same ? Wouldn’t  treason be to willfully know of security weaknesses and vulnerabilities to an active U.S, Embassy or U.S. Consular outpost  and the mortal threat to all personnel stationed there , for months in advance , and do nothing to remedy or strengthen  the situation . And then when a serious attack did occur , on the most obvious day of the entire year for extremist Islamist attack to occur , to DO NOTHING and let all our people get slaughtered , or gravely wounded , while not sending any assistance or available military quick response backup , at all ?
Wouldn’t treason be to give the order to “Stand Down ” , as our people are getting killed on the ground ? Wouldn’t treason be to then openly and boldly LIE to the American people and including all the surviving family members of these deep and probably intentional errors and cases of  gross malfeasance , for months upon months ? Including also openly lying to Congressional committee inquiry , over and over ? Wouldn’t treason be to have a goal and a secret policy to 100% abrogate and over-rule any & all Constitutional protections for law biding U.S. citizens , in America , by creating a vast DOMESTIC intelligence collection network and data base on ALL Americans , regardless of who they are and their complete non-involvement with anything of an international terrorism nature ? Then hiding the programs until exposed by ‘whistle-blowers ‘ and claiming legitimacy as being necessary to combat the same international Islamist terrorism that it tries it’s to ignore most of the time ?
Wouldn’t treason be to ignore the open and obvious links to Islamic terrorism that led to Boston and the attacks at Fort Hood and to fail to respond , react or even collate all the information that should have been available to them leading up to these horrendous events  ? All in the effort to avoid profiling our actual mortal enemies , whom we have been foolish enough to ever admit into the United States or allow to become a part of our U.S. military …. Wouldn’t treason be the surreptitious release of countless Islamist terror suspects and detainees , who go right back to the effort of killing American soldiers , just so we can clear our jail facilities and score points with our  Islamist ‘allies’  in certain countries ?

Exactly WHO is the traitor to the American way and the best interests of the United States and the United States  military ,during this  time of hot war ????  Is this not a case of the pot calling the kettle black ?

Here is a young man , whom for zero $ gain or self-interest , has exposed a train wreck of a policy being misused and abused  by an administration that now has a long and proven track record of lying and using U.S. government agencies and capabilities to illegally go after , threaten , intimidate and prosecute any & all that pose any real or imagined threat to them and their goals and agenda . The Alinsky agenda of ” fundamentally transforming the United States”  In to what?  Ed Snowden , one day you will be seen as a great national hero . Stay strong pal , millions are with you .  As to all the pinhead politicos and men and women of highly questionable loyalty to our dear U.S. Constitution ; Ignore them . They are but ” static and ground noise ” …..  Treasonous vipers indeed .

” If this be treason, make the most of it!”

Patrick Henry


We petition the obama administration to:

Pardon Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden is a national hero and should be immediately issued a full, free, and absolute pardon for any crimes he has committed or may have committed related to blowing the whistle on secret NSA surveillance programs.

By the way please pass this on to Speaker of the House, John Boehner who is a traitor to the Republican Party and what it once stood for. Jes saying.

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