Israel Gets It. Europe Does Not And Neither Does America

March 24, 2016

Israel has to be serious about security because they are surrounded by enemies.

Israel airport secutiry

Bomb sniffing dogs & guns pretty much do the trick

Bomb sniffing dogs & guns pretty much do the trick

We still have a chance, but a slim one because time is running out and the PC nature of the entire Western world has engulfed us. Nothing makes sense any more. Safe spaces, trigger words, hate speech, Islamophobia reign supreme.

Europe has done it to themselves. They’ve patted themselves on the back (and continue to do so even atrocity after atrocity), over this “we’re special and have opened our arms, our wallets and our country to anyone and everyone in the name of multiculturalism” attitude. Paris is not Paris anymore, Brussels is no longer Brussels and sadly New York City is no longer the NYC of yore. There is no longer any such thing as Parisian culture, there is nothing uniquely Belgique about Brussels, and NYC has a population of nearly 40% foreign-born people. All brag about being egalitarian and non-judgemental. Unfortunately, the political ideologies of socialism, Marxism, communism and the modern democratic party found in the United States all are based on the inherent equality of individuals -and it will be our downfall.

Terror attacks in Paris and Brussels (and who knows where next) are a result of years and years of multiculturalism and egalitarianism run amuck. Sorry folks, all people and cultures are not equal and never will be. The Israelis know this (hat-tip The Blaze) and will tell you if you want to uncover bombers in airports, stop focusing on grandmothers! It’s fairly simple. Sorry all you whining, pampered, crybaby college students and lefty media types who need safe spaces over words like “Trump”, profiling does work.

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