A Burka Saves The Day, And What’s Coming Our Way If US Policy Doesn’t Change PDQ

August 8, 2013

Keep this heart-wrenching story in mind as you ponder just why our US foreign policy is on the side of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Re-post from the Clarion Project story of Aug 6, 2013:

UK Mother Dons Burka in Daring Rescue of Kidnapped Daughter

The mother had not seen her daughter for two years after the girl’s father abducted her without warning and took her to Egypt.burqa eyes

A British mother whose daughter was abducted and taken to Egypt by her Egyptian father rescued the toddler after disguising herself with a burka and snatching the young girl off the street.

Alex Abou-El-Ella, who had not seen her three-year old daughter Mona for two years, received help from British author Donya Al-Nahi, who has been nicknamed “Jane Bond” for masterminding countless “operations” to rescue children snatched by Arab fathers.

The abduction by Mona’s father came without warning. Two years ago, Mr. Abou-El-Ella told his wife he was going to visit friends in Hounslow, a short distance from Heathrow airport, and took Mona with him. Instead, he went to the airport, bought tickets to Cairo on EgyptAir and boarded the plane without a passport for Mona.

Police, the Serious Organized Crime Agency and Interpol were all put on red alert when Mona disappeared, but no one had been able to retrieve Mona.

During the two years, Alex had intermittent phone contact with her daughter, with her husband periodically threatening to cut off it off altogether. She was told by police that there was nothing could be done since the UK has no extradition treaty with Egypt.

Despite warnings by the Foreign Office not to travel to Egypt, Alex decided to embark on a daring rescue attempt herself. Together with Al-Nahi, Alex flew to Egypt and found the apartment where Mona was living with relatives. The next day they spotted Mona walking near the apartment with an aunt.

The two hired a trusted driver. Alex, disguised herself by wearing a burka, with her face hidden by a black veil. The plan almost failed when Alex stumbled on the unfamiliar amount of long material she was wearing.

“I got out of the car, but I’m not used to wearing the long dresses so I kept pulling it up and walking funny,” Alex related. “I was walking behind them, faster and faster, and saw Mona’s hand a few meters away from me. So I grabbed her, pulled her into my arms and the lady looked at my face, but all she could see were my eyes.”

Eventually, Al-Nahi helped her into the getaway car and they sped to the airport. Alex, who was born in Poland, used a passport that belonged to her older daughter (in addition to bribing an official) and boarded a flight back to England without being detected.

At first, Mona did not recognize her mother, calling out in Arabic to a woman that had cared for her. “I felt shocked and upset to hear those words coming out of her mouth about another woman,” Alex said. “But after half an hour she looked up at me and said, “Are you my mum?”

“She finally recognized me and it was a beautiful moment for me, especially after not having her for the past two years,” she said.

Alex praised Al-Nahi, thanking her for her help to retrieve her daughter after two long years. Nahi was quoted as saying, “You only have one mother and no-one has the right to take you away from your mum. But Alex was the real hero here. She took the girl.”

After reading it you can only question why the heck US policy continually appeases radical Islam and remember Major Nadal Hissan’s workplace violence, Benghazi caused by a YouTube video, and the fact the NYPD & FBI training manuals have been cleansed of any mention of terrorism or radical Islam thanks to CAIR.

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

UPDATE: Terrorist Funding Blocked By US House. Praise Be To Rep. Kay Granger, R-Texas

September 30, 2012

Hillary Clinton with Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi of Egypt

Secretary of State “Hilldebeast” Clinton sucks up to Egyptian President Morsi less that 2 weeks after our U.S. Embassies were attacked & four Americans murdered. Loathe to admit the attacks in Cairo & Benghazi were blatant terrorist operations, she’s promising both cash funds and debt relief to the tune of over $1Billion to help stabilize Egypt’s economy.

Rep. Kay Granger, R-Texas chairwoman of the Appropriations subcommittee on foreign operations however, said in a statement.

“I am not convinced of the urgent need for this assistance and I cannot support it at this time. I have placed a hold on these funds.”

Good for Representative Granger! Even though the Senate refused to de-fund the terrorist nations of Egypt, Pakistan and Libya last week, it is the House that holds the purse strings and this brave Texas US House Representative has put the skids to this cash infusion to these thugs -at least for now. Let’s hope she gets the support in the House that she needs.

Use this link first thing Monday to call your US House representatives in support Rep. Kay Granger’s decision to block funds to Egypt.

If you need encouragement remember Pres. Morsi (of the Muslim Brotherhood) has pushed since the day he was elected, for the release of Islamist terrorist Omar Abdel Rahman (the Blind Sheikh), from prison in North Carolina where he is serving a life sentence for master-minding the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Oh yeah, another reason NOT to release these funds– Morsi was among the first of many calling for Blasphemy laws in the America last week condemning our 1st Amendment rights and ushering in Sharia law.

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

Final Follow-Up To CITIZEN ALERT- Sunday AM; Terrorist De-funding Amendment Fails

September 23, 2012

Marines trying to repel the attack were told not take live ammunition as the attackers were breaching the wall!

Senators with a spine, voting to de-fund Libya, Egypt & Pakistan:


Eighty-one others voted against stopping foreign aid. After Senator Paul’s speech on the Senate floor in support of his bill, there followed for the next hour a pitiful parade of losers at the podium explaining why they thought we need to fund countries who hate us and won’t protect our embassies.

Many of our U. S. Senators have been in Washington too long because outside of Congress it’s hard to find many who think it’s a good idea to keep throwing money down this rat-hole.

BTW -We’re Broke! ($16 Trillion and counting)

Besides over $4 BILLION we give annually to Egypt, Libya and Pakistan, America also gives foreign aid to our creditors! We owe $1 TRILLION+ to China and yet they still receive $27 Million in aid and other development grants from us! Are those monies deducted from our debt, inquiring minds want to know? We owe over $127 BILLION to Russia and they receive $71 Million in U.S. aid. Did oil-rich Iraq or Libya offset our in oil American costs to depose those dictators? NO.

U.S. aid given to corrupt regimes does not reach the poor people. It is stolen by their leaders. As the misery quotient rises and the quality of life in these countries declines -the U.S. invariably gives them more aid! Hillary Clinton stood before the House of Representatives as this vote was being debated in the Senate, pleading for more aid to Egypt WITH NO CONDITIONS ON THAT MONEY!

Not only have NObama & Hildebeast have lied to the American people about these attacks from day-1 (aided and abetted by the MSM), didja ever hear that security details were prohibited from using live ammunition? Then in misguided damage control, the administration spent $70 Million to produce PR spots running on Pakistani television again condemning the anti-Islamic video. I have not heard any high official (Romney doesn’t count) standing up for America’s right to free speech.

That PR blitz didn’t end so well, only emboldening the mobs, literally pouring gas on the fire to those Muslim countries who have killed at least 17 more people in their continued demonstrations.

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

This Should Chill You TO THE BONE!

September 19, 2012

Obama flag now available!

Hat-tip Tane!

Shocking is all I can say! If you’d like to order your own Obama flag you can do it right here! Or be the first in your neighborhood to donate just $1000 to Obama’s reelection (whether you live in Chicago, Libya, Egypt, Pakistan or Afghanistan) to get yours free!

Limited supply so don’t delay. Operators standing by now. (kidding, kidding on the donation part, but who could put it past him?)

Where else have we ever seen this display, this hunger for power, this self-idolatry?

Oh, let’s see maybe the old USSR, or Cuba or maybe Venezuela? Hugo & Barry are pals from way back. In fact, I think it was Hugo who gave Obama this great marketing idea.


Fidel Castro




Islamic Mobs Amass Outside U.S. Embassy in London Today! See Where Appeasement Gets You?

September 14, 2012

I am so angered by our government’s reaction to the killing and violence  at our Embassies in Libya and Egypt on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11  that I can hardly see straight.

There is credible evidence that the White House had 48 hour warning of attacks and did NOTHING. And here’s how they are treating our flag in London today.

Help me keep the heat on our federal officials regarding tax dollars being sent to Egypt & Libya. Speak out by calling today and forwarding this to everyone you know, asking that they do the same.

Please take a moment today to call these numbers:

  • White House                 202-456-1414
  • State Department          202-647-4000
  • Speaker John Boehner     202-225-0600   
  • Rep. Eric Cantor                    202-225-2815
  • Rep. Kevin McCarthy              202-225-2915
  • Rep. Nancy Pelosi         202-225-0100
  • Rep. Steny Hoyer          202-225-4131
  • Senate Leader Harry Reid         202-224-3542
  • Sen. Richard Durbin               202-224-9447
  • Sen. Mitch McConnell             202-224-3135
  • Sen. Jon Kyl                          202-224-2708

Tell our national leaders respectfully, but firmly, that you are opposed to ANY funding to Egypt or Libya at this time, and that you will be watching to see if they receive it. Americans must stand up for freedom of speech and religion, & stop appeasing Islamists.


If We Stick Together We Can

Accomplish A Lot!


Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

More Americans Dead By Muslims Gone Wild; Still No Time For Bibi, As Obama Announces Letterman Encore

September 11, 2012

Go figger.

American death count up; 4 Americans killed by Islamic mobs in Libya as angered musloids attack US consulates in Libya and Cairo on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11. The U.S. Embassy apologized for provoking the mob. I would have expected coverage in my local newspaper -you know, those pictures are pretty graphic, but no. They garnered about 5 column inches on page 3. No need to draw attention to the result of our President and State Department cozying up to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Notice the fault directed at the United States and Americans by James Rubin, former assistant Secretary of State starting at around 1:22 in this video. Un-freaking-believable!

“These crazy Americans who are sparking this and they deserve a lot of condemnation for inciting this civilizational hatred between the Islamic world and the Western world”.

When are people gonna stand up and just say “Like it or Lump it”? We can’t always be worried about insulting Islam or how the Prophet is portrayed. Get over it!

According Iran’s FARS news agency, a film which is the work of “extremist” members of the Egyptian Coptic Church in the United States has offended the Prophet. You may remember all the Coptic Christians have been driven out of Egypt since the Muslim Brotherhood was democratically elected to power.

“There is no God but God, and Mohammad is his messenger”

Could this be what the Democrats were trying to tell us at the DNC last week when they first removed all reference to God, then smelt the political winds and voted 3 times before again, democratically putting Him back in the party’s platform?

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

Ask Yourself -Would Libyan Rebels Treat This Woman Any Differently?

March 29, 2011

The answer is NO! Of course not. There’s really not a grain of sand’s difference between Gaddafi’s thugs and the Islamic thugs of the rebel side of things in Libya (or Syria, Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Morocco, Algeria, Yemen, etc.) -see my point? Why are we there???

They ALL treat women like dogs and it’s perfectly okay.

A government spokesman afterwards, obviously doing damage control since this was caught on film, claimed this lady was drunk and mentally disabled.

Investigators told me the lady was drunk, seems to be suffering mentally. She refused to tell who she is, who her family is, her father, sisters, brothers to check on her identity, whether she was really abused, whether these are fantasies . . . .”

Of course she refused to tell them. She’s protecting them! She herself was pushed into a car against her will and hauled away by the government goons who man-handled her out of the hotel where she sought refuge amongst foreign journalists.

This is another good example why we have to fight the inclusion, bit by bit, (usually in the name of political correctness and multiculturalism) of Sharia law into the American legal system as they are already doing in England and where judges in Florida (over financial rights in a case involving misuse of funds in a mosque) and New Jersey (in a rape case -husband against his wife) have already allowed Sharia law to proceed.

Aloha, Mikie


More Wiki Fruit- Hope in Arab Regimes

January 27, 2011

I was amazed to learn that 70% of facebook subscribers are outside the United States. I was not surprised to see that one of Mark Zuckerberg’s likes listed on his facebook page was facebook. If it had earned you $6.9 Billion you’d like it too!

But more interesting to me is that facebook has become the tool fueling (along with Twitter) major change in other countries. According to a Los Angeles Times story, Wikileaks website’s release of thousands of U.S. diplomatic cables for all the supposed damage it did has also exposed the corrupt underbelly of many Arab regimes.

There is no free press or other outlets for truth in these countries, many of which are repressive police states. So it was

Mohamed Bouazizi's final act -a huge sacrifice that toppled a despot

the desperate act of a fruit seller in Tunisia who set himself ablaze

that sparked further protests organized on facebook that 4 weeks later toppled President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali’s regime.

The revolution has brought hope to all Arabs who had long ago lost any enthusiasm that they would ever be able to get rid of authoritarian domination.

Jordanians, Libyans and Algerians have taken to the streets now emulating the Tunisian model.

Anti-government protesters in Egypt are clashing with Egyptian riot police as we speak, calling for reform. Sectry. of State Hillary Clinton and other American diplomats of course are walking a tight rope here because much like the US backing of corrupt Karzai in Pakistan, we have backed (to the tune of $1.5 billion/year) Mubarak’s ever more repressive government over the last 30 years, all the while looking the other way when it came to human rights and liberty.

The people living under these despotic regimes have Wikileaks, facebook and twitter to thank for doing what decades of delicate diplomacy, conflicting motivation and interests in the Western world has failed to do.

Let’s hope these uprisings for more democracy won’t be ‘Iran 1979’ all over again with Islamic extremists hijacking the movement. They are the most organized and best-funded and they are opportunists who know exactly what they want- Sharia Law.

Aloha, Mikie


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