Heaven Forbid the Feds Should Miss a Holiday

April 17, 2011

Emancipation Day celebrated only in Washington D.C. fell on Saturday, April 16th, which if celebrated yesterday would have caused the feds to heaven forbid, miss a holiday! Can’t have that. Hence the April 18 filing deadline this year.

I’ve been an habitual extender. Face it for normal people (unlike General Electric, Boeing or other friends of government), tax time is a major pain in the butt.

Tax compliance has become so onerous, expensive and time-consuming, it’s ‘national dread day’.

Until we pass the FairTax! Check it out:

  • Federal personal & corporate income taxes, estate taxes, gift taxes, capital gains taxes, the ATM tax, Social Security and Medicare taxes plus self-employment taxes all go away and are replaced with a simple, national sales tax on new goods and services
  • 67,000+ pages of tax code, vs 133 pages in The Fair Tax Act
  • Spending $3 trillion to figure out taxes every year vs looking at a shopping receipt
  • Politicians and lobbyists playing favoritism with exemptions and social engineering vs one clear rate for all Americans beyond the poverty line
  • Regressive payroll taxes off the top of your earnings vs not paying taxes on necessities
  • Paying the IRS before you see your paycheck vs pay-as-you-go taxes only on what you choose to spend
  • Declining Social Security solvency vs a strong base of revenues and cost of living indexing for seniors
  • IRS intrusions vs simple cash register payments
  • Criminals & foreign visitors not paying taxes vs everyone paying national sales tax on all new goods and services purchased
  • US manufacturers at a worldwide tax disadvantage vs eliminating corporate taxes giving American businesses a huge competitive advantage
  • Trillions of dollars held offshore due to high US taxes vs tax-free investments back into our economy
  • Continued loss of jobs to China, Mexico, India vs the ‘Made in America’ label

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Aloha, Mikie


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