The Incomparable “Completo”

February 27, 2018

I’ve been all over the salads (ensaladas) here in Chile and it’s been great. Avocados are in season and they aren’t shy about it loading up their salads with them.

This mixed salad came with a whole avocado filled with shrimp, hearts of palm, tomatoes and a side of roasted nuts.

You never get the choice of dressings like Italian, Ranch or French, which is ok with me. Those are all loaded up with calories & artificial flavors anyway. No here you get olive oil and a lime cut in half. So good!

But what we did for lunch today is no doubt on the other end of the healthy scale. I’m talking about theĀ Chilean “completo”, Chile’s favorite snack or fast food, a hot dog with the works. We’ve seem them advertised a lot and on many menus and honestly they do look good, though a little different from what were used to at home.

Entire families sit down in a restaurant and all order various renditions of the completo with papas fritas (French fries). All versions have diced tomatoes on top. Many also have what they call “smashed palta” which is guacamole and most are topped off with a big squirt of mayonnaise.

So I guess we go back to more healthy eating when we get home. But that’s what traveling is all about right? Many new & different things to experience and I for one, would never have missed the completo!

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