Some Items You’ll Regret Not Packing On Your Trip To Chile

February 25, 2018

Don’t forget the small toiletries & medicaments we all routinely use at home for space or weight concerns. Yes, we travel light, but how much can these things weigh??

I recall paying around $15.00 for extra-strength aspirin in Italy and something equally outrageous for some decongestants.

Though I rarely get sick at home, the last 3 times we’ve traveled I’ve been hit with various maladies. In Thailand a year ago I caught a cold that peaked on the exact day of my all-day cooking class and could not even enjoy the wonderful dishes we were preparing.

My fellow Thailand cooking classmates

On our X-country road trip (Seattle to Detroit) last fall I ended up in Urgent Care with acute bronchitis & a doozy of a sinus infection. And as luck would have it in Valparaiso?  I caught another bug.

Apparently I’m clumsy too (Near Face-Plant in Santiago), tripping and falling and constantly bumping into things. Of course the distractions are everywhere, and you rarely find a level sidewalk or street. Mickey is constantly rescuing me, but not always successfully.

Pricey Band-aids and antibacterial salve

A banged up shin from an iron foot-rest on a barstool (yep drinking can be dangerous!) left me bloody. Two days later I ran into a round metal stantion (one of several) at La Plaza de Armas and opened another bleeding gash! The Band-aids & salve for those mishaps totaled almost $37.00! Hard to believe I know, so be forewarned there aren’t any Target or Wal-Mart stores around for these seemingly ordinary items, pack a few with you!

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