Our Esteemed Governor

January 17, 2018

I’ve actually had a great time reading the morning paper since the Missile Alert this past Saturday – “THIS IS NOT A DRILL” and seeing the public taking out their frustration on Hawaii State officials. We do pay them after all.

Here’s a sample from Jan 14th in a letter to the Editor:

We have a huge, well paid number of government employees, and yet, it seems very difficult to get things done:  A highway that does not seem to be able to get finished, despite having been started decades ago. Wells are down for almost a year without repair end in sight. Roads are in disrepair. Long lines are at the DMV for driver’s license renewal. There are long lines to register cars; long wait for building permits; attack alarm goes off without there being an attack; highest number of homeless in the U.S., simply because they cannot afford the rents in most cases; our drinking water in danger from cesspools. But ‘Lucky We Live Hawaii’.”

And check this out -A spoof of Governor Ige’s apology. **Caution** This video contains language that may be offensive to the PC crowd.

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