It’s a Bitter Pill, But Here It Is.

January 20, 2014

Not only is the Federal Reserve doing it’s best to ruin our currency buying our own debt because no other countries want it any more, but the Fed and the rest of the Western Central Banks are on the brink of collapsing the entire global financial system. It’s dangerously interconnected. Watch this! I know it’s 20 minutes, watch it or take a breath and stick your head back in the sand. Your choice.

BTW, most of the missing gold has gone to China.

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No Kids, No Pets, No Regrets . . . . but if you do Have Kids, Pay Attention to This

January 3, 2014

Being retired and able to travel, play golf, goof off and basically do what we want to do -I lay it all to a decision my husband and I made shortly after we married. We decided not to have kids. Sure my parents missed the cute little urchin grandbabies they’d maybe visit a couple times a year, everyone else was doing it like rabbits and yeah, it may have been interesting to see what our offspring turned out to be, but none of those are good reasons to have kids. So we didn’t. We love kids and both come from big families; 5 kids in my family, ten in my husband’s and we sorta thought we’d be all in or all out and we simply chose the latter.

Today most people seem to have kids and many of them they are struggling. Parents who thought they’d be retired by now, can’t. Kids who thought they’d be through college by now aren’t or worse yet, they are and only have piles of debt to show for it. Only 8-12% of jobs today require a 4-year degree and yet kids are taught from an early age by society, parents, grandparents (as in my case), or their high school counselors that to get ahead they needed to go to college.

It just ain’t so. Your kids will be much happier if they pursue something they love to do than something they thought they needed to do. Trade & vocational schools and apprenticeships are vastly under-rated and should not be overlooked. What do you say, learn to be a plumber, electrician or some other type of skilled technician where you actually have a needed craft, or graduate with a 4-year degree (that will take you 6 years), a boatload of debt and no prospects for a job and eventually back living with your parents? Gender studies, psychology, international studies in social justice, English literature, mechanical engineering Really? It’s time to get a grip on reality. Take a look at the 20 most useless degrees and see if you don’t agree.

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Why Would Our Govt (Sis Janet Napolitano), DHS, etc., Rush To Deport A Saudi National Connected To The Boston Marathon Bombings Who They’d Just Tagged as A Terrorist?

April 22, 2013

Inquiring minds want to know. But there’s a big campaign of dis-information and deflection from the media and the government about what is really going on.

Representatives, Michael T. McCaul, Jeff Duncan, Peter King and Candice Miller have requested a classified briefing on the Saudi national and the deportation order. Thank goodness someone is paying attention! But they need our help!

Use this link, call your Congressmen/women and ask why in the world would the government first, take into custody a Saudi national, Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi on Monday, Tuesday tag this dik-wad a “212 3B” labeling him a terrorist  -a really bad-apple. Then later the same day, after Secretary of State John Kerry meets with the Saudi Foreign Minister Saud -bingo, all of a sudden the FBI is back-tracking. Subject dik-wad went from ‘suspect, to person of interest, to witness, to victim, to nobody’ and now they’re deporting him -unless somebody stops them!

He just happened to be at the marathon at the time of the bombings, was naturally running away from the blasts and happened to be injured. All this occurred after not one, but two apparently “unscheduled” meetings with the Saudi Foreign Minister.

Who is he and why are they trying to get him out of the country as quick as possible? We do know he was here on a student visa supposed to be attending school in Ohio, but had an apartment in Boston. Hum? Sound familiar? Were there 3 people working together planning the death and mayhem at the Boston marathon?

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Fox Has Become MSM While Trying To Look Different

April 2, 2012

Wonder why all Fox can do is keep puking out the same stuff as it shifts left, just like the other mainstream media but with only a veiled attempt at ‘fair & balanced’ investigating, or holding anyone accountable? They’ve had good ratings for a long time, but it’s only by comparison to MSNBC. They’re really just degrees apart.

There’s no difference in Hannity or O’Reilly or even the chick, what’s her name of OJ fame? Greta. They all sound the same and they have become part of the majority looking the other way while our government continues to trash the Constitution in every way every day.

And what happened to Judge Andrew Napolitano, one of Fox’s most popular contributors, the host and author of Freedom Watch? Here’s what happened. He cut a little too close to the quick. This was his last FW show:

Judge Napolitano sums it up like this.

“The greatest losses to American freedom have come not from someone attacking us, but from the government ignoring the Constitution and the majority letting them get away with it.”

Pressure from Media Matters (can you believe they are a tax exempt organization??) and the back door bullying from the White House succeeded in getting rid of Glenn Beck and now the Judge. Who’s next? They tried to bring down Rush, but he may be a little too hefty even for MM. But can we survive without an open, unfettered news media? It’s one of the necessary pillars to fall for freedom to vanish.

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Not Great For the ‘Little Guy’

January 21, 2011

Okay this will only take 1 minute, so if you hate Glenn Beck grit your teeth and watch it. He is just the messenger. Unfortunately you won’t see it anywhere else.

Now, if you cherish your freedom, watch it again and pass it on and urge your House and Senate representatives to REPEAL and REDO OBAMACARE! I’ve made it easy to do:

House Members by State

Senate Members by Name or State

And, if you don’t think this is gonna result in massive health care costs and taxes I want to know what you’re smoking!

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