Louise Slaughter Died Yesterday. She Was 88 Years Old. She Was A Sitting US Representative

March 17, 2018

No disrespect meant but, really? Didn’t this lady have better things to do? She fell one day and died a week later. She had served in Congress for more than 3 decades and in local politics before that. That’s too long. At eighty-eight she should have been enjoying her golden years, spending time with family and grand-kids or enjoying hobbies, not serving in Congress!

The Special Election to replace Representative Trent Franks who resigned after it came to be known he pressured a staff member to be a surrogate for he and his wife who apparently could not have children cost Arizona taxpayers $3.5 million. One California Assemblyman’s decision to vacate his seat early cost Fresno County taxpayers a half-million dollars – enough to pay for four sheriff deputies! Special elections are held all the time, but taxpayers having to foot the bill for a Representative or Senator who dies in office after being there way too long is just another good reason for term limits.

This is another promise candidate Trump made that I hope he keeps! There are many ways to drain the swamp. Term limits is one of them. But don’t fool yourselves Congress will never vote for term limits. It will have to be done through an Article V Convention of States.

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