Fox Has Become MSM While Trying To Look Different

April 2, 2012

Wonder why all Fox can do is keep puking out the same stuff as it shifts left, just like the other mainstream media but with only a veiled attempt at ‘fair & balanced’ investigating, or holding anyone accountable? They’ve had good ratings for a long time, but it’s only by comparison to MSNBC. They’re really just degrees apart.

There’s no difference in Hannity or O’Reilly or even the chick, what’s her name of OJ fame? Greta. They all sound the same and they have become part of the majority looking the other way while our government continues to trash the Constitution in every way every day.

And what happened to Judge Andrew Napolitano, one of Fox’s most popular contributors, the host and author of Freedom Watch? Here’s what happened. He cut a little too close to the quick. This was his last FW show:

Judge Napolitano sums it up like this.

“The greatest losses to American freedom have come not from someone attacking us, but from the government ignoring the Constitution and the majority letting them get away with it.”

Pressure from Media Matters (can you believe they are a tax exempt organization??) and the back door bullying from the White House succeeded in getting rid of Glenn Beck and now the Judge. Who’s next? They tried to bring down Rush, but he may be a little too hefty even for MM. But can we survive without an open, unfettered news media? It’s one of the necessary pillars to fall for freedom to vanish.

Aloha, Mikie

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