Boys Begging For Fathers Sometimes Do Kill

October 13, 2015

Single moms who have children in their teenage years have the chips stacked against them and their children that is rarely overcome. The repeating element in all the mass shooting over the last several years, the common denominator is the lack of a strong father figure in the lives of these deprived young men. But when you pay women to poop out babies that’s what they will do, poop, poop, poop. Men have always known how to make babies, it’s instinctive, but they don’t much care to provide for them and to own up to their responsibilities. Our culture no longer values fathers doing the right thing.

This is what happens.

The left refuses to see the writing on the wall. The gun control zealots actually contribute to these killings by driving American citizens fearful of losing all gun rights to buying more and more guns, creating a greater inventory of guns to steal. Then of course with each shooting there’s the 24/7 news glorifying it to encourage the next shooter. Something’s gotta change!

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