On Friday He Was a Man, on Monday He Was a Woman

July 10, 2015

On Friday he was a man, on Monday he was a woman

It may not have been so strange had it not been your child’s high school chemistry teacher. Michael Swager became Amanda with the complete support of his/her local school district and coworkers in Chino, California. According to The Daily Caller Swager hopes the parents aren’t angry with the school district for failing to notify them. Most of the kids likely did notice the gradual metamorphosis. Sex reassignment (PC for sex-change) doesn’t happen overnight just because the final public act may take place over a weekend or spring break.

Just another of many distractions going on in government schools these days. But in truth the kids were probably much better prepared for it than the parents. After all they’ve been getting the LGBTQ indoctrination (Q stands for “questioning”) for 25 years which is about when the infamous Heather Has Two Mommies hit the scene.

Laura Jane Klug, a substitute teacher in Lumberton, Texas didn’t fare as well claiming she was fired due to complaints from 5th grade parents who maybe felt a transgender teacher might not be ideal for their children. I don’t know the outcome of this particular case but I wouldn’t be surprised if that school district didn’t have a wrongful dismissal” suit on their hands for firing Klug. Remember every one (person or issue) in this PC world has priority over the children in our government schools these days. And by the time these kids reach university level well, they’re right there lock-step in with their progressive, liberal ideological professors who decry anyone who does not agree with them and can quite easily without any thought or consideration side with the hate-Israel crowd populating our college campuses crying for boycotts and spreading anti-Semitism.

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