Tax-payer Funded Planned Parenthood Promotes Bondage, Sadism, Discipline/Domination & More

June 12, 2014

From Heritage Foundation‘s Daily Signal:

$500 Million taxpayer funds goes to Planned Parenthood per year with an additional $75 million for teen sex education under Obamacare. But what kind of education? Ropes, paddles, pain, BDSM (bondage, discipline/domination, submission/sadism and masochism.

Just think if the girls receiving this type of sex “education” at Planned Parenthood prepare wisely they’ll be well ready to live under Sharia Law where they will be subjected to vile acts of rape & degradation, cruelty, injustice, stoning, beatings and disrespect in general.

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A New Federal Board, A New Tax & Ebenezer Obama

November 10, 2011

For years they’ve worked and maneuvered to take the Christmas out of Christmas, mandating holiday greetings like ‘Happy Holidays’ or ‘Season’s Greetings’ in favor of the time-honored traditional ‘Merry Christmas’, and just when you thought they couldn’t further slam our Judeo-Christian national and cultural identity in the name of political correctness, they do it again. Well almost.

"Holiday" tree at the White House

It’s been under the radar, but the Heritage Foundation reports that pressure from them and other conservatives have forced for now at least, a delay in the implementation of 15¢ fee (wink-wink, that’s a tax folks) on fresh-cut Christmas trees. You know how Obama drools over the chance for more government control, or heck maybe it’s just a nod to his peeps in the Middle East, you know a tax on Christians.

In any case the request from the National Christmas Tree Association in 2009 was enough to give this administration an excuse for more federal bureaucracy and another tax!

Do you think this is over? The Secretary of Agriculture (think ethanol subsidies) will appoint a Christmas Tree Promotion Board to run a program of promotion, research, evaluation and information to strengthen the Christmas tree industry. I wonder how many donations to Obama’s re-election this generated from growers, farmers and retailers of Christmas trees? Does this mean we’re gonna see Christmas trees at WalMart just after 4th of July from now on?

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Quiz: Are You Smarter Than an Immigrant?

October 28, 2011

Here’s an interesting quiz I just found online while searching for a Constitutional handbook. This is the test immigrants must pass (among other requirements) to become a naturalized U.S. citizen.

Sadly, I don’t remember having ever read the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution in school, so I have been playing catch-up.

I joined The Heritage Foundation the day Barrack Obama was elected thinking we had better get ready for what was coming and it’s been interesting and educational. Heritage sent me a copy of both the Declaration and the Constitution so I started there. You can also have Heritage’s research The Morning Bell, delivered daily to your inbox.

Heritage offers free webinars all the time and has their own YouTube channel. It couldn’t be any more accessible. Check it out below with this interview with the Gibson Guitar CEO who’s non-union shop was raided by the Federal government.

Get your free copy of the U.S. Constitution here.

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Entitlement Starts With Preschool Graduation Ceremonies

June 24, 2011

You wonder why America has such an entitlement mentality? If you’re over fifty my guess is you didn’t even go to preschool. I doubt it even existed then. Somehow it became a state-sponsored baby sitting deal.

But seriously, this gimme, gimme, gimme attitude dragging us down today is a result of too many people being made to feel special about finishing preschool!

How about stopping with the ‘every kid wins a prize, nobody gets a failing grade’ crap? How about no more molly coddling the brats? How about food assistance in the form of the basics -not lobster, steak or Mountain Dew (milk, cheese, bread, etc., like the old days), and not carte blanche with a debit card!)?

It starts with preschool graduations and never stops! And you wonder why graduates are neither employable nor self-sufficient. They can’t read or write (beyond texting), they have no critical thinking skills, can’t balance a checkbook or begin to manage credit.

They grow up to be adults rioting in Wisconsin (or Greece) when out of control pensions have to be cut and union members are forced to contribute to their own health care. HELLO!

Robert Rector a leading national authority on poverty and a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation gave very compelling testimony on Capital Hill last week (do doubt shoved aside by the media slavering over Weinergate).

“The major causes of child poverty in the United States is the absence of married fathers in the home and low levels of parental work.”

Paraphrased he continues, “America is evolving into 2 castes:  in the top half, children are being raised by educated, married parents, while the children in the bottom are born to and raised by unmarried mothers with a high-school degree or less.”

Yet the government with their marriage tax policy and umpteen give-away programs fosters dependency and continues to support single parentage. They need to take active steps to strengthen marriage as our experience shows it to be one of the biggest factors in reducing poverty. Think about this when you consider the President and the Justice Department’s refusal to uphold the Defense of Marriage Act, and all the while pushing more government programs on the middle and lower class.

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