Channeling my “Judge Judy” for Minute, I Say, “Bullcrap”.

November 9, 2011

I hate to beat a dead horse, but this Herman Cain thing is getting pretty ridiculous. Here are some facts you may not hear on the nightly news -if you know what I mean. They are so happy they now have an actual accuser (never mind, no witnesses and the fact that she never said anything fourteen years ago when it allegedly happened). But a former co-worker at CBS in Chicago has his opinion of the lady in question, as reported on WLS 890 AM.

Okay, I’m channeling Judge Judy and my intention is to discredit the prosecution’s witness (the prosecutor is Gloria Allred; witness for the prosecution is Sharon Bialek). Imagine a junkie-wino with a long rap sheet testifying to a murder he witnessed while sleeping it off in the nearby gutter who will undoubted write a book and make a movie deal later. Well, maybe not but here we go, according to 2 Chicago Tribune reporters:

  • Records show Bialek has twice filed for bankruptcy; in 1991 and again in 2001 (not today or recently when bankruptcy and foreclosures are a common, sad symptom of Obama’s economic policies, but ten and 20 years ago).
  • Among the creditors burned in those filings are a management firm demanding back rent, four credit card companies and a lawyer seeking legal fees.
  • She accused her boyfriend at the time (a different one than now, and a different one from when the sexual misconduct with Cain allegedly occurred), of harassing her for repayment of a loan he made to her.
  • The IRS filed a tax lien against her in 2009
  • The Illinois Department of Revenue claimed she owed more than $4,300 in penalties and interest relating to income taxes from 2004.
  • More creditors took legal action in 2004 according to a lawsuit filed in Cook County.
  • Ms. Bialek has not had a job outside the home in about 2 years according to Gloria Allred, (though other reports allege thirteen years) and her current boyfriend supports her and her 13-year old son from a previous relationship.

She sounds like an angel doesn’t she?

Aloha, Mikie

The New Non-Race Race Card

November 2, 2011

Why of course it’s sexual harassment. But it’ s pretty laughable when the accuser, or at lease one of the anonymous accusers would like to tell her story but can’t due to a gag order placed on her at the time of settlement. And Politico who broke the “story” won’t reveal it’s sources which is understandable, but they’re loving the story and have kept it hot when God only knows we should maybe be focused on the up again down stock market or Europe about to implode.

It would have pretty weak to play the race card here like they have at every turn smearing Tea Party candidates or supporters, and likewise, if you disagree with Obama’s policies, you’re a racist, but since Cain’s supporters love the man because of his ideas and character and his bootstrap success despite being a black man whose father worked 3 jobs until he could make it on 2 job,and eventually pulled his family solidly into the middle class, the race card is a non-starter here, that just won’t fly. So sexual harassment is the next best thing.

Is Cain handling this poorly? Maybe a little, but he’s no John Edwards or Anthony Weiner and just isn’t schooled in the muck of politics. Apparently Herman Cain’s campaign has received a boost in cash donations and that’s good. Now he can go hire some more staff (hopefully some more seasoned political advisers) to suss these things out ahead of time and teach him how to wrap them up quickly.Of course when if you get someone too fancy-dancy, they’ll kill the real appeal Cain has -that he is not an insider politician.

One thing you can bet, the longer Cain stays in front or gives Romney any kind of a run, the more of this we’ll be seeing.

Aloha, Mikie

Call Yourself a Conservative? Then Prove It!

October 31, 2011

And proving it won’t be voting for Mitt Romney any more than voting for John McCain did. The only good thing to come of his miserable candidacy was Sarah Palin (oh, and the slap upside the head when people finally figured out that ‘Hope & Change’). McCain was never a conservative, he was just the old guy Republican the GOP leaders foisted upon us. Today 70% of polled Republicans do not favor Mitt Romeny. He was a liberal governor of a liberal state (the most liberal state) and he authored Romneycare in Massachusetts.

Even not-so Sharpton calls Romney out!

Then why are the old guard Republicans (the national committee, RINOs and moderate Republicans) pushing Mitt Romney on us? And why are all these states advancing their primary debates? Because they want to shape the election and shorten the time frame for the 2nd tier candidates (Obama wasn’t even 2nd tier at this point in ’08) to build support.

Most of all, they don’t want a conservative (any more than they wanted Sarah Palin), they want a ‘big government’ guy who will be just like all the rest of them. This is what turns good candidates and voters off to politics. If you go with another big government guy there is no difference between the Dems and GOP. And BTW, if you had to venture a guess as to where the “un-sourced, anonymous” stories about Cain and sexual harassment came from, who would you point the finger at? I’m just asking.

The bigger point is, they favor a top-down, centrist government which can only come at the cost of our individual liberty. We need a conservative in favor of a smaller federal government, more states’ rights, fewer regulations and big time TAX REFORM! Ultimately, it may not be Herman Cain, but these are the ideals we should be looking for in a candidate to get America back to its greatness again.

Aloha, Mikie

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