Spoiler ALERT -Inaugural Speech by the ‘Virtual President’ (V-POTUS) Is In The Edit Process

January 30, 2013

Bill Whittle (Wiki)- is an American conservative blogger, political commentator, director, screenwriter, editor, pilot and author. He also happens to have made the best political commentary in many years, moments after the election.

Whittle has elected himself the Virtual President for the next 4 years. He has promised to make speeches (and put them online) at all the usual times; after the inauguration, State of the Union Address, etc., basically whenever he thinks a real American conservative president would make a speech. He will hold virtual press conferences taking questions from a virtual White House Press Corps. Not the kind the MSM has tossed at President Obama since he came on the scene, but hard, tough questions from friend and foe alike.

Making good on this election eve promise, Whittle delivered his Inauguration Speech January 24th and it’s in the edit process!!

I promise to post it here as soon as he finishes the ‘spit and polish’ and it’s online.

You can also follow him on facebook.

Until then here is a re-run of his election night analysis and a new way going forward:

It’s long, but PROFOUND, so plan to watch it when you have time. You will NOT be disappointed.

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