This Guy Should Have Been Impeached Long Ago

November 7, 2016

President Obama is getting even more lawless as the days go by. I’m telling you and if you are honest with yourself you must agree, this guy should have been impeached a long time ago.

Oh and here’s another crook. Good friend of Bill & Killary Clinton, Governor Terry McAuliffe. He has just recently (in a back-handed way) granted voting rights to 60,000 convicted felons in the key swing state of Virginia, a move that could give Hillary a victory.

And then we have this:

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So Why, Amid Numerous Sexting Scandals Does Huma Stand By Her Man?

July 29, 2013
Sydney Leathers

Weiner’s latest sexting paramour

Inquiring minds want to know. How much longer is she going to take it? Anthony Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin? And here’s the kicker:  Bill & Hill are P O’d, no make that livid at any comparison to their marital bumps in the road.

That’s a laugh. It’s easy. Both men are lead by certain lower anatomical geographic points of interest, and both women have bigger, more important motives which will never let them throw their philandering spouses aside. Oh, and also I suppose it could be a “great right-wing conspiracy”.

Hillary has a long list of benefits accrued having stood by her man. She is only as successful as she is because of what Bill did to her while he was president. Her success in Arkansas was a result of others currying favor with her husband, then Arkansas Governor. She likes to call herself a feminist, but she rode on Bill’s coattails for the love of money and power. She’d have been a nobody running for the Senate in NY and likely never elected were it not for Bill’s fame and a very weak opponent in a deep blue state according to The Washington Times’ The Real Hillary Clinton Record.

And then there’s Huma Abedin. She was Hillary Clinton’s right-hand women since the 1990s. Remember the firestorm Michele Bachmann and the other House members unleashed with their letter to Inspectors General, Homeland Security, Defense and DOJ questioning security clearance of various individuals within the government with radical Islamic ties, among them Huma Abedin? From the letter:

“The mother, brother and deceased father of Huma Abedin, Dept. Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, are connected to the Muslim Brotherhood, and that she (Abedin), too, by extension, may be working on the organization’s behalf.”

Aside from his good looks and endearing personality (gag-me!) Anthony Weiner may not have much to offer wife Huma but she has learned from the best how to work any shred of power and influence to further her goals -whatever they may be, and curiously the news now appears to be more about Abedin than Weiner, who most by now have written off as a sick-o. Politics is hugely about name recognition and that’s been achieved. If Hillary wins in 2016, a powerful position will be handed to Abedin.

They are pitiful, but they are not stupid.

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She May Look Like SNL’s ‘Church Lady’, But This Broad Responsible for IRS’s Tea Party Malfeasance is Now Our Obamacare Enforcer

May 17, 2013
Sarah Hall Ingram -promoted to Obamacare IRS enforcer after abusing Tea Party

Sarah Hall Ingram -promoted to Obamacare IRS enforcer after abusing Tea Party

Lest anyone be impressed by Obama’s quick (okay, not so quick) dismissal of the “acting” IRS Commissioner Steven Miller, who later bragged that his assignment was to end in June anyway), you need to know that the person who was actually in charge of targeting conservative organizations as well as certain Jewish groups received over $100,000 in bonuses (hat-tip Drudge).

But there may be hope if Mr. “Thrill up my leg” Chris Mathews has second thoughts.

Watch this short video from Politico and see what I mean.

And here is what we should all tell our Senators and especially the House with a Republican majority (pathetic as they are):

There is an over-load of criminal activities being perpetrated on the American citizens BY OUR OWN GOVT Most of these will require a select committee with subpoena powers to investigate and prosecute the MANY guilty!

  • Benghazi cover-up leading to the death of 4 American
  • IRS illegally targeting political enemies
  • DOJ illegally sweeping of media phone data
  • The quiet resignation of former Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff, Huma Abedin due to her not wanting to disclosed lawfully required association with known terrorist group the Muslim Brotherhood
  • Continued financial crimes committed by the “Too Big to Jail” banksters
  • Sexual scandals in the military committed by person or persons put in charge of investigating sexual harassment
  • The serial trampling of our Bill of Rights and the US Constitution

And you can sh*t-can all your immigration plans because nobody with even a pea-brain trusts the government to do anything they say they will do!

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

The United Nations, Obama & Google; This Does NOT End Well

December 4, 2012

Eric Schmidt, the head of Google supposedly is being vetted for a cabinet post in Nobama’s 2nd term (will it be his last?) Silly me. I almost forgot Obama doesn’t vet anyone.  Was Huma Amedin vetted? Obviously not or surely they would noticed her ties (mother, father, brother) to the Muslim Bros. & Company. But I digress.

After all, Schmidt meets all the criteria: he gave a ton of money to Obama starting from way back in 2007. And he and Nobama have this shared belief (hat-tip Drudge) of “changing the world from the bottom up, not the top down.” (code for income redistribution -BTW notice how it’s always guys like Obama, Schmidt, Gates & Buffett who are ok with this redistribution of wealth -other peoples!)

Here’s something funny. According to Google managers & employees donated ~$803,000 to this campaign. Only staffers at Goldman Sachs & Microsoft gave more. What a surprise. Nobama hates big business, but loves their money.

Ok back on topic. The UN is trying again to take control of the internet from ICANN (internet Corp. for Assigned Names & Numbers), the private sector, non-profit corp created in 1998 to assume responsibility for Domain names, IP addresses, etc.,  (it got to be too much for Al). The UN wants the power away from the US and with the UN.

Nobama acts like he’s against this, but you know his control issues, so my guess is if Schmidt and Google are getting in bed together on this it will not end well for consumers -you know us little guys.

But here’s the crazy thing. Schmidt is being considered for Treasury Secretary. Huh? Oh don’t worry I think I’ll get in touch with John Boehner and let him know this doesn’t look like it will be less government in our lives. Just as soon as he fixes this “cliff” thing.

Aloha, Mikie

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Obama’s ‘Arab Spring’ Hero Claims Total Power in Egypt

November 27, 2012

Obama and Hilldebeast have been mum on Morsi’s total power grab. Two reasons:

  1. They would have to justify why the United States is supporting an Islamic regime to the tune of $2 Billion/year.
  2. Nobama is carefully observing and learning from one the many dictators of the world.

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~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

Is Business So Bad That You Open Your Arms To Iran’s Ahmadinejad?

August 25, 2012

That Columbia University would host this Holocaust-denying piece of crap in 2007 shocked me (ok, call me naive) but at this point why is there still any discussion at all?

NO room at this Inn

UANI (United Against Nuclear Iran) is doing its best to make sure New York City hotels don’t leave the light on for Ahmadinejad, encouraging them not to host this leader or accept his dirty money at next month’s UN General Assembly. In 2009 UANI got the Dubai-owned Essex House to pull the welcome mat forcing last-minute cancellations of numerous Iranian sponsored functions.

Ditto since then for the New York Helmsley Hotel and the Inter-Continental Hotels & Resorts. The San Carlos Hotel, the Loews Regency Hotel and the Preferred Hotel Group (including some Trump landmarks) are all on the right side of this issue.

Obama no doubt, will host these turd-balls since they missed the White House-sponsored Iftar Dinner earlier this month and his shout-out to Huma Abedin.


Speaking of bull-crap flowing from the mouths of dictators, despots and terrorists, Ahmadinejad in his Columbia speech also stated that 9/11 was a big lie and there were no homosexuals in Iran (saving them the trouble of boycotting Chick-fil-A). But he’s not shy about his fervent goal of eliminating first little Satan and then big Satan (Israel & America) from the world map.

I’m with UANI. Make him bed down in at the UN assembly with the other carpet-kisser, misogynistic types who hate America but love living the good life in New York City with full diplomatic immunity -largely on the US taxpayer’s dime.

And speaking of the United Nations, how is it that the Human Rights Council of the UN is dominated by Islamists in a majority of African and Asian States where human rights abuses are the order of the day? Children, women, gays, Christians, Hindus and Jews all suffer terribly in these despotic countries.

Jes sayin’

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Imam’s Advice -Stand By Your Man

June 8, 2011

“I would tell her to be a little bit patient,”

said Omar Abu-Namous, imam of the 96th Street Islamic Cultural Center-reputed to be the most prominent mosque in New York City.

96th St. Islamic Cultural Center

This is usually good advice. Or it would have been okay advise if what Weiner had admitted to at the first embarrassing about-face, merely an impulsive, irretrievable tweet sent to a Seattle woman as a joke (har-har), were true, but as days go by the story grows. Tony-boy has been impulsively tweeting all over the place, with all sorts of women for months, sending pixels a-plenty to every young thing he liked, in the parlance of the social media.

Yes, Huma Abedin, 34 and married less than a year to the wiener, is Muslim ~and preggers, so you can see Anthony Weiner has left his wife a few options, but all of them bad.

Abu-Namous, known as a moderate Muslim, goes on with the advice,

“In our holy book, if you think your wife, or husband, is doing something unacceptable, you start by counseling her.”

Counseling her? OMG, her?!

Oh yes. It did slip my mind for just a small little, teensy bit that women in the Islamic world -even in the world of this supposedly moderate Imam, the famous-Abu Namous, women are always at fault and in need of counseling. Good thing he’s moderate, or they’d be stoning poor Huma for Weiner’s indiscretions.

Don't worry Hums- it's what we call "teamwork".

Oh, and let’s not forget the friendly advice Mrs. Weiner got from her boss and friend Hilary Clinton.

Aloha, Mikie

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