This One’s Up To Us. “We The People”

August 3, 2013

The last best hope for getting rid of Obamacare is up to us folks. Congress has only 9 working days after returning from the current recess to fund the Continuing Resolution to fund the government. The only way to get rid of Obamacare now is to refuse to fund any part of it. Click this link, scroll down and start calling -even if you’ve never done it before. Now is the time to GET OFF YOUR BUTTS!

Congress will only do it if they hear from MILLIONS of us. They don’t have the backbone or political will to do what’s right for America unless forced. The only thing that will force them to do it is fear of being thrown out of office.

What have you heard good about the Affordable Health Care Act? Nothing! What major government program has ever gone away once implemented? None! If this doesn’t piss you off nothing will:

Last week the IRS, the very department charged with enforcing Obamacare has gone to Congress asking to be exempted from Obamacare! This is pure unadulterated gall! And those in Congress and their aides who will be forced to buy insurance under Obamacare (leaders in both parties & their staff have already been exempted), according to the EIB Network, will be lavished with taxpayer-funded subsidies to the tune of 75%.

Sign the Petition Now-

Don’t Fund It!

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