Hope & Change Revisited- But White House Cries Foul

June 22, 2012

Some of my friends are still telling me they intend to study the issues and evaluate the candidates before they vote this November. This to me is a chicken-sh*t way of saying,

“I’m too lazy to pay attention”


“I’m still gonna vote for Obama”

So I’ll try to make it easy for those people in providing this recap (hat-tip Chris White, and THE BLAZE).

If you’re short on time, like running out the door to one of your two or three jobs you can cut through Obama’s tired rhetoric and just start at about 1:45, but the real hum-dinger comes from Nancy Pelosi at 1:55 (once again confirming she is mind-numbingly stupid).

I guess maybe this hit a little too close to home because Jay Carney, White House Press stooge made an angry call to Fox News complaining “the video crossed the line -even for Fox & Friends”.


And naturally bowing to PC pressure, Fox News removed the video from it’s website. I guess it’s just not PC to tell the truth.

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