Oh I’ll Bet She’s Squirming As More Benghazi Facts Slip Out

August 1, 2013

More muzzling from on high. We’ve already heard State Department, military personnel as well as the survivors families were threatened and or bought off, coerced or otherwise convinced to ‘keep a lid on’ just went down at the Consulate and Annex those fateful hours nearly a year ago in Benghazi that cost 4 Americans their lives.

Now Jake Tapper of CNN reports there were at least 35 Americans on the ground that night and the CIA is taking extraordinary measures (monthly polygraphs!) to make sure their secrets stay secret. I can’t help but recall Senator Rand Paul’s questioning of Killary during a Congressional panel after several weeks of dodging on her part; a trip to Australia, the stomach flu and then the concussion. But once on the stand he flat out told her had he been president at the time he would have ‘relieved her of her post’ for a failure of leadership. Paul also asked her point-blank, whether the U.S. mission in Libya was procuring or transferring weapons to Turkey and other Arab countries.

Well not too surprisingly she denied any knowledge of it but it seems more and more certain some type of black-ops was underway that fateful night and with CNN’s story earlier today it may be that another top Obama insider could have very likely perjured herself just like Eric Holder did recently. She’s outta office now, on the lam boning up for her 2016 campaign, but I think she may be squirming just a little and wishin’ & hoping the bribes, threats, intimidation and pressure brought to bear on witnesses won’t point the finger back to her.

And I really wonder when they’re going to release the poor sucker sitting in jail for producing the ‘hateful’ video that caused the whole thing!

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