First They (the Feds) Arm Themselves to The Gills While Continually Chipping Away at Our 2nd Amendment, Now They Want to Outlaw Us Buying or Possessing Body Armor!

August 21, 2014


What gives? There are currently over 70 Federal agencies that are armed with handguns, submachine guns, ammo and body armor. And watching what has unfolded over the last week or so in Ferguson, MI you may be getting the idea this is not such a good idea. the standing army

Here’s how it plays out. Every time there is a shooting, a mass murder or otherwise, the lib-tards come out in full force to further erode our 2nd Amendment rights. Why the coroner even called the death, some 40 years after James Brady was originally shot and injured in the assignation attempt on President Reagan, a homicide. This is a full frontal “Piers Morgan” non-stop. And it’s always somewhat successful, they never get much, but they usually get something, they’ll limit the magazine size, require more arduous paperwork, etc., etc. Never mind that it’s the criminals who don’t bother with any gun control laws. So it only servers to restrict citizens from their Constitutionally guaranteed right to defend themselves against the bad guys.

Then they arm municipal police forces with military combat gear right down to the tanks, guns, ammo, tear gas, flash granades, etc., which you can see is not necessarily the best idea in fostering community relations between the police and the public. It has totally become an  US or THEM mentality.

And now there is actually federal legislation proposed, H.R. 5344, banning law abiding citizens from owning body armor. It’s called the Responsible Body Armor Possession Act.

It’s enraging and infuriating. I’ve said it before and The Sovereign Man agrees.

“It’s so obvious: the county has become a giant police state. It’s time to set aside a lifetime of propaganda & programing telling you that you live in a free country. Look at the evidence all around you. They spy, they steal, they wage illegal wars. They authorize military detention of civilians. They destroy anyone who challenges them. And now they want to take away a non-violent means of protecting yourself.”

They’re setting us up people.

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

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