There is NO Measure of the Gall These People Can Come Up With!

May 23, 2013

Follow me here for just a second. First Lois Lerner responds to a planted question yielding her off the cuff apology for the IRS unfairly targeting (is there a justification for any targeting by the IRS?), Tea Party & conservative groups.

Next we learn the broad in charge on the division go after tax exempt organizations doesn’t get fired (“acting” IRS Commissioner Steven Miller, due to retire in 2 weeks instead, took the fall), she gets huge bonuses & a promotion and will now become the IRS Obamacare muscle.Up yours

Then, even though he’s resigned, fired -whatever, Steven Miller goes in front of the committee day after day, and “can’t recall”, “doesn’t remember”, “didn’t know anything” and didn’t lie”. Bull-crap. It just doesn’t pass any smell test. He lied his arse off!

Next NTEU, the union which represents the National Treasury Employees (IRS) have asked to be exempted from Obamacare. How cheeky is this?? Pretty damn is how cheeky it is. They lobbied for Obamacare, they were in his corner all the way with Obama’s massive takeover of one-fifth of the economy. Then they harassed and delayed tea party and conservative groups’ tax exempt status ensuring Obama’s re-election and success, and NOW they want to be exempt from Obamacare!

But that’s all past history “it happened so long ago” as Jay Carney said of Benghazi. Today, the Internal Revenue Service has decided to thumb their noses at us once again according to this announcement on the IRS Website,

“Due to the current budget situation, all IRS offices will be closed on May 24, June 14, July 5, July 22 and August 30.”

“Up yours Mr. & Mrs. Public, we’ll take as many 3-day weekends as we can possibly get away with”.

Oh, and one more thing, Lois-baby has been put on administrative leave. That means a free, paid vacation for who knows how long, courtesy of the US taxpayer. Like I said, there is NO measure of the gall these people have.

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

Hope & Change Revisited- But White House Cries Foul

June 22, 2012

Some of my friends are still telling me they intend to study the issues and evaluate the candidates before they vote this November. This to me is a chicken-sh*t way of saying,

“I’m too lazy to pay attention”


“I’m still gonna vote for Obama”

So I’ll try to make it easy for those people in providing this recap (hat-tip Chris White, and THE BLAZE).

If you’re short on time, like running out the door to one of your two or three jobs you can cut through Obama’s tired rhetoric and just start at about 1:45, but the real hum-dinger comes from Nancy Pelosi at 1:55 (once again confirming she is mind-numbingly stupid).

I guess maybe this hit a little too close to home because Jay Carney, White House Press stooge made an angry call to Fox News complaining “the video crossed the line -even for Fox & Friends”.


And naturally bowing to PC pressure, Fox News removed the video from it’s website. I guess it’s just not PC to tell the truth.

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fighting like a girl)

The Expanding “Dirty Dozen”

April 24, 2012

First it was eleven Secret Service men involved in the Presidential Advance Team whoring scandal, then it spread to a dozen and now it  includes at least a dozen Secret Service and a dozen military -but Mr. Peabody (Jay Carney) says:

“White House Staff not involved”

Mr. Peabody says "No"

Whew! You had me really upset for a minute, thinking that those serving the President directly may have been even implicated in the Hotel Caribe (Cartegena, Colombia) fling. Don’t assume they’re pure as the driven snow just because they weren’t caught. They’re still slime-balls with absolutely no respect for the rule of law, the Constitution or anything but the elite and crony-class (bankstas, Wall Streeters, Goldmann Sachs & MF Global shysters, the new Black Panthers, the corrupt reverends doing their race-hate bidding, etc., etc.) and stomping on your 1st & 2nd Amendment rights every chance they get.

Oh, and here’s another knee-slapper. My local newspaper today commented that they had no trouble seating a jury for Roger Clemens perjury retrial in Washington with some prospect jurors not even knowing what position he played or who Mr. Clemens is! More in question seemed to be why Congress was even involved in baseball’s steroid problems. The question for me is why the hell Congress has the right to try or retry anyone for “lying before a Congressional committee” when Congress lies to the American people every day?

Oh yeah, I guess it does move the spotlight away from eating dog or transporting dog or, how ’bout this?

President Obama’s dismal record as our President?

Aloha, Mikie

~Remember:  The government has NO resources. They produce NOTHING. They can only take from one group and give to others they feel more worthy of their largess (and votes). Push for tax reform.

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