I’m Guessing Neither Eric Holder Nor Barry Obama Got The Memo

December 2, 2014

Because these two racists are just the typical type looking for somebody else to blame.

Not only are both the Attorney General and the President poking their nose in places they have no business, playing both the race card and the blame game (again), they now want to federalize police forces in America buying cameras and mandating best practices police policies at the municipal level all over the county. The federal government has no business in our local police departments. Of course should the Congress deny this request they are racist!

And if you think these so-called ‘best practices’ policies are going to make our streets or our policemen or the communities safer, you are dead wrong. Just think of the rules of engagement which has hog-tied our military men and women (with an increasing fatal casualty county) to the point they have to wait until the enemy fires on them before they can do their jobs.

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Keep Collective Bargaining or Face the Music -Massive Lay-offs?

February 18, 2011

Wisconsin is embroiled in massive protests some liken to Egypt’s recent revolution. What’s going on in Cairo (and across the Middle-East) is now looking more like a well orchestrated revolution of various behind the scenes groups who will share power at first anyway, and then turn Egypt into something I doubt many wanted when this started.

Some of the rabble-rousers in Egypt are the same socialist equality groups fomenting trouble here and abroad.

Protests were held in Paris and Vienna in Europe; New York, Washington, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Seattle, Atlanta and Calgary in North America and in Tokyo. Our own Rich Trumka (AFL-CIO) is behind them all the way calling for a new world order and a redistribution of wealth.

And back to Wisconsin, Jesse Jackson has jumped into the fray telling protesters they are fighting for a just cause. And as if it couldn’t get more political, according to Ben Smith on Politico, the Democratic National Committee’s “Organizing for America arm” (the successor to Obama’s 2008 campaign) is also playing a role in the protests, filling buses and building turnout against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s attempt to strip most public employees of collective bargaining rights.

President Obama when asked about what is happening in Wisconsin said

“It looks like an assault on the unions.”

Governor Walker strangely has the overwhelming support of the voters of Wisconsin who recently elected him to do the tough job of balancing the state budget’s $137 million deficit. He has tried to avoid layoffs for 5,500 state workers. He is only asking for a shared sacrifice from the public sector employees who generally make more and get far better benefits than those in the private sector.

With 44 states and the District of Columbia having budget shortfalls are we going to continue seeing the likes of Jesse “hi-jackson” and “Organizing for America” and other social justice/new world order/wealth redistribution groups come out of the woodwork as their governors do the work that needs to be done?

Budget shortfalls in California ($25.4 billion ), Illinois ($12.47 billion), Nevada ($3 billion), New Jersey ($10.7 billion) and Texas ($27 billion), just to name a few will not be cured by paying the automatic raises and continued benefit packages public sector workers have become used to in the past. Quite simply, the jig is up. The choice:  do the public sector employees want to hang on to collective bargaining or keep their jobs?

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