To Celebrities & Globalist Vote-Grabbing Government Types So Enamoured With Immigration Reform (Read -Amnesty)

June 11, 2013

There is something very, very, very wrong in Washington DC ~in case you hadn’t noticed lately. Here’s Bill Whittle idea for those celebrities like Lady Gaga & Jennifer Alba who say they disdain borders & fences and seem to hate private property rights and believe people should be able to travel freely anywhere they want, have driver’s licenses and access to medical care, food stamps, welfare, in-state tuition and other benefits we American pay for.

Let’s add to these globalist vote-grabbing government types list of freedoms for illegals and get the addresses of Alba and Gaga and the gubmint men –exact street addresses so we can print posters and flyers and plaster them all over the place and invite illegal immigrants to jump their fences and help themselves to anything they want. If the globalists & Lady Gaga’s of the world are lucky these illegal immigrants will only want to feed themselves and won’t murder or rape them since they obviously don’t believe in having guns to protect themselves.

Watch the whole thing:

Just imagine for a moment if our government would actually demand that all of our illegal visitors pack up and go home within 6 months or physically deport them. Imagine if these 11 million (30 million? who really knows?) people went home and actually stood up and made their own government accountable. Accountable for the huge gap between the elite & poor, accountable for the graft and corruption. They come here because it’s the path of least resistance. Take that away and maybe enough of what makes America great (assuming there is any left any more) will have rubbed off on these people to help them hold their government accountable to their own citizens. They will never get it if they don’t work for it. Just as we certainly will lose what makes America great if we don’t fight for it!

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