In by 9-Out by 5!

February 18, 2012

It doesn’t look like much. In fact it sorta looks like crap if you’re a business presenting a face to the buying public, but inside are two very hard working ladies who will wash, dry and fold your clothes for a song- literally in by 9, out by 5! We’ve been there twice so far and never paid more than $8 US for a big, stinky bag of laundry. image

We travel with only 1 carry-on bag each, so you can imagine we go through our paltry repertoire of “outfits” to use the term very loosely, pretty quickly so we’ve become familiar with this lavadero and the nice ladies who work there. In fact, panic set in today when we returned from a 3-day trip to Salta up North by the Bolivian border, with a bag of dirty clothes and found out they we’re going on vacation for a week starting Monday. When we asked for another lavadero close by (cerca de aka), the owner exclaimed, “But we’re the best!” in perfect English. We all laughed, then we assured them we’d return as soon as they re-opened after their short summer break.

Aloha, Mikie . . . . . . turned travel blog direct from Buenos Aires for the month of Feb.

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