A Conscious Decision To MAKE IT HURT. Thank You Mr. President

March 17, 2013

How many hungry people could be fed with the $102,000 salary paid to the President’s dog handler? Oh, I almost forgot, there are no hungry people in America. They’re all on the SNAP program.

You think they’re aren’t better ways to administer federal spending cuts? Get this. According the Daily Caller, the total cost spent on the Obama family in 2011 (more recent figures unavailable) was $1.4 Billion. The total cost of the presidency included the “biggest staff in history at the highest wages ever, and an Air Force One running with the frequency of a scheduled airline.

We have got to start doing things differently! Support these Senate renegades, and here’s a hint.

These are contact forms and a pain in the butt, but fill in one and most likely your computer has an “auto-fill feature” so the next one will be faster & easier. Write your message to the first Senator, then copy it and paste it to the next guy on the list, making the few changes needed to personalize it. They need to hear from us and to be encouraged so Get off your butts and do it!

Sen. Ted Cruz

Sen. Marco Rubio

Sen. Paul Rand

Sen. Jeff Flake

Sen. Deb Fischer

Sen. Mike Lee

Sen. Kelly Ayotte

Sen. Tim Scott

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