If You Are Working Your Hinnie Off to Pay For Your Kid’s College, Here’s What You Need to Know

May 1, 2013

How much does a college education cost these days and what do you get for it?

First let me say (hat-tip ZeroHedge), the highest paying starting salaries for college graduates will not be found in fields like gender studies and other useless college majors. In fact, the highest paying fields are pretty much all engineering related. These are very difficult courses and frankly, I doubt if the majority of our US public high schools are turning out very many kids up to the task. We have only the federal government, the NEA and a silly, self-serving concept called tenure to thank for it.

  • Petroleum Engineering: $93,500
  • Computer Engineering: $71,700
  • Chemical Engineering: $67,600
  • Computer Science: $64,800
  • Aerospace/Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering: $64,400
  • Mechanical Engineering: $64,000
  • Electrical/Electronics and Communications Engineering: $63,400
  • Management Information Systems/Business: $63,100
  • Engineering Technology: $62,200
  • Finance: $57,400

But you know which very high-paying field of endeavor is not even listed? Politics. Look at our Congressmen/women and Senators’ salaries. The lowest paid among the thieves, the House/Senate & Delegates earn $174,000 in salary alone. I don’t know about you, but some of what I’ve seen displayed in the news and illustrated by the laws they churn out, tells me no higher education or innate intelligence is required.

To wit-Georgia Representative Hank Johnson worried that an over-populated Guam may capsize:

Or how about the former Speaker of the House, Stretch Pelosi:

And to be totally bipartisan in my criticism, I must point out this gem by George Bush:

How’d that work out George? Jes sayin’

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