Hasty Retreat -The Feds Got Caught

August 4, 2009

I’ll bet you didn’t see this tasty tidbit anywhere in the mainstream media, but there’s more than a few reasons NOT to extend the CASH FOR CLUNKERS program. Never mind that it’s just another bailout. You know we’re all sick of those -until it’s something we want.

“Yeah, I was going to buy a car anyway. Mine gets crappy mileage so why not take a ‘free’ handout from the government?”

But what people don’t realize is the open sesame to blatant intrusion right into our own computers when accessing the CARS.gov website. This was not covered by mainstream media or  their blogs, but a ‘Constitutional Watchdog’ saw it when logging on to Cars.gov and reported it to Fox News. They went right to the White house to inquire about it and were told they were “re-working the language”, and then low and behold the CARS.gov access disclaimer disappeared completely from the Cars.gov website, begging the question, are they still accessing the info but not telling you? And what about the computers they already invaded before they got caught?

By the way, this program was so well thought out it was supposed to last through November and it ran out in less than a week! How’s that for government planning and accurate projections? Think Medicaid and Medicare, Health Care Reform and Cap & Trade and other government programs if you decide to accept government cost estimates as the real deal.

And what real good does it do American car companies? Did you know only 47% of the Cash For Clunkers trade-ins went for cars sold by Detroit’s Big-3? The rest went to foreign car makers.

But the most frightening thing about Cash For Clunkers is it gave the government a chance to wedge their way into your computers if you were a car dealer using the program or if you were a customer who’s data was entered into those computers. The Feds now have legal access to that information. Watch this video and see what I mean. THIS IS FRIGHTENING! It’s beyond frightening and America, you better wake up!

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