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November 8, 2009

Why don’t more Muslims speak out about what radical Islamists are doing around the world to foment trouble, imposing Islam by force?Religion

Most people probably agree that the vast majority of Muslims worldwide are good, peace-loving people who only want the same things we do. But history tells us:

“As little as 3% of the population, sufficiently indoctrinated and vicious, will hold sway over the 97%. As evidence, only 3% of Russians were Communists in 1917 and only 3% of Germans were Nazis in 1924 yet they controlled everyone!”

The simple fact is that all wars are the result of religion, politics, or both. The current war is no exception. According to the website, Prophet of Doom in an open letter to America, over 90% of nations in which the majority of the people consider themselves Christians are republics. Relative freedom, choice, enlightenment, and prosperity reign. Over 90% of nations in which the majority of the people are Muslims are dictatorships in which the people have relatively no freedoms, choice, access to truth, or prosperity.

The shocking reality according to World Net Daily is a growing number of Muslin American soldiers as well as civilian contractors have put their religion before duty.

“Muslims should stand up and fight the aggressor.”

That’s what Muslim soldier, Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan said about America before he shot 43 fellow soldiers, killing 13 at Fort Hood this week. And just like I said before in A Crack in the Dam regarding cultural diversity and political correctness, more than a couple people now reveal disturbing news about Hasan that they failed to report for fear of being labeled insensitive or discriminatory.

We gotta wake up America. They mean business and aren’t afraid to kill or die for their beliefs.

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