No Moderates Found -Million Muslim March Fizzles Big Time

September 11, 2013

Gosh I guess there just aren’t that many “moderate” Muslims or their sympathizers (except in the Obama administration), or they had something better to do today. Breitbart reported that as of 12:35 PM Eastern Standard time, 25 attendees showed up -that’s right twenty-five, two digits. But by around 1 PM the police counted approximately 1 million bikers on the streets of Washington surrounding the MMM.

The Million Muslim March was the brain child of the the American Muslim Political Action Committee to “protest America‚Äôs supposed misdeeds against Muslims across the globe since September 11th.” Gee which September 11th would that be? The¬†largest and bloodiest jihadi attack on the homeland in U.S. history by Muslim terrorists in 2001, or September 11th last year when Muslims stormed our consulate and the CIA compound in Benghazi, Lybia killing 4 brave Americans who died without the aid or comfort or rescue attempt one from the US government (the military, who never leave anyone behind, were told to stand down), or this September 11th in Benghazi where the Foreign Ministry Building was bombed -by Muslims no doubt.

Never forget who did this and is still doing this all over the globe!

Never forget who did this and is still doing this all over the globe!

It does get confusing with so many Muslims all over the world creating havoc and mayhem killing infidels right and left, performing honor-killings on Muslims in their own families or doing genital mutilation on young Muslim girls.

But thank goodness for the bikers who created a last minute facebook page and got it going to counter the protest and honor 9/11 victims, survivors and first responders, even though they were denied a permit to gather and be at the MMM- they showed up anyway. They even apologized for tying up traffic!bikers-parked-with-flag-600

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