Never Forget

November 11, 2018

Never forget is what the Israelis say about the Holocaust. They live by this credo. It is why most Israeli citizens are required to serve in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) for a period of between two and three years.

        Vietnam Soldiers Memorial in Washington D.C.

Sometimes I think America should bring back the draft and draft women too. Of course it’s easy for me to say being way beyond the age for that type of obligation. But just think for a second of how Americans are so divided these days. Think of how young people have little or no appreciation for our veterans or those who sacrifice so much by serving in the military even if they do not see combat. How much better would we be if our young people learned discipline, responsibility and self-reliance by serving in the military? My guess is we’d be a lot better and have a lot fewer snowflakes and maybe even less PC crap.

Today is the day for us to renew our reverence for our veterans and their families, and remember “All gave some and some gave all”. I recently had the privilege to visit the Vietnam War Memorial Wall in Washington D.C. and to look up the name of the brother of my best friend in high school, William J. McFarland.

He was so young but look at any of the photos of the soldiers who stormed Normandy. They were young too.

Why do we offer up these kids for war? And more importantly why do they go? They do it for all kinds of reasons, love of country, patriotism, family tradition to name but a few, but the they do it and that’s what we should never forget.

Take time today to remember our veterans and all who serve or have served and especially for those who made the ultimate sacrifice fighting for our freedom.

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