Schumer Needs to Prove His “NO” Vote is Authentic

August 12, 2015

Ok so Senator Charles Schumer (I’ll just call him Chucky-Schumucky) has come forward to publicaly denounce the IRAN deal and he’s taking some heat for it for his disloyalty to Obama (I’ll just call him Ovomit). Don’t forget with the Dems it’s always party before country. Chucky-Schumucky says after carefully considering the deal he will vote against it. And there are plenty of good reasons to do just that.

I appreciate that Charles Schumer is voting against it, but unless he really gets busy rallying other Democrats to join him even if it means twisting a few arms ~enough to make it veto-proof, then it’s all just theater. And if this Politico story is to be believed, he is doing just the opposite reassuring Dems it’s just his personal vote and he isn’t whipping his collegues to vote along with him. He wants it both ways! He can go home to his constituents (& big Jewish donors) and say “I voted against it” knowing full well it won’t survive the president’s veto. But if he really wants to be a leader (he’s in line and very much wants the next Senate leadership position) then he needs to get off his butt and lead, not pull a McConnell as the Republican Senate majority leader did with his very safe votes on defunding Planned Parenthood. And you wonder why there is so much Trumpmania.

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