Tired of The Lyin’ Media? The Shouting Over Each Other on Cable News? Here’s The Solution: CRTV

November 20, 2016

If nothing else this election go-round I think it’s safe to say we’re all pretty much over it when it comes to the alphabet news outlets twisting the truth to serve their liberal, prog goals and even cable for that matter. All the guests shouting over each other. Fair & Balanced -ha! Maybe at one time, but not so much anymore.

CRTV launches next month. It’s a totally new platform -digital TV.

Here’s your solution. CRTV.com. Pre-order now (limited time offer) for the special price of $89. I even have a promo-code for a $79 subscription if you email me (Dare2Kerr@gmail.com) and time hasn’t run out, I’ll send it to you.

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