What About Tax Reform?

June 1, 2011

So much blather about the debt ceiling, but without spending cuts and major TAX REFORM that’s all it is -talk. This bears repeating until the nimrods in Washington get it. There are a lot of reasons (power, greed and favoritism to name a few) for them not to get it, so it’s up to us. We will never have any real economic recovery without tax reform.

Here’s what some people like about the FairTax:

  • Yo – drug dealers and politicians paying their fair share? Revolutionary!
  • Politicians like to talk about redistributing the wealth, I like talking about redistributing the power.
  • Hey, that full paycheck looks good on you!
  • It will eliminate all taxation for the poor via the prebate.
  • Under the Fair Tax I could buy you a drink and do your taxes at the same time.
  • Level the playing field. Everyone is a consumer. Everyone is a taxpayer.
  • Not even the politicians can get out of paying under the FairTax.
  • Would you like to keep your entire paycheck and pay taxes when you want to?
  • How would you like to have FICA, Medicare & Federal Tax withholding put back into every payday?
  • Want to hear that rushing-wind sound of jobs coming back to America?
  • The Fair Tax…eliminates the underground economy.
  • I love it. Every international tourist or visitor contributes to our economy!
  • FairTax: A plan even Charlie Rangel can understand!
  • Fair and Simple.

Support H.R. 25 and ask your representatives to too! Be sure to see my Tax Reform Category (on the right side panel) to raise your tax reform IQ!

Aloha, Mikie


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