I Am A-Okay With This

May 1, 2017

This is just a little bit cocky for my taste.

Found in possession of meth and marijuana and sporting foreign gang tattoos

Do they have to push it in our faces all the time? This fat (no worry about PC coming from me!) blob of an illegal alien slob is forcing Trump’s hand. Trump did go soft on “dreamers” despite his campaign promise to overturn Obama’s unlawful Dreamers executive order (aren’t the 2 synonymous? Obama = unlawful), granting work permits and deportation relief to over 750,000 illegal childhood arrivals (think MS-13), but Trump also promised to deport criminal illegals (aren’t they all criminal for having come North?). I know my English and grammar are terrible (too many parenthesis to read smoothly -but you get what I’m saying). Trump thankfully has been deporting criminal illegals and the above “fat-boy” is on his way out because he crossed the line from dreamer – to drug offender -to deported. Again I am A-okay with this. Good bye and good riddance.

And BTW, here is another one I don’t mind saying “adios” to.

According to Breitbart, 19 year-old Juan Manuel Martinez was arrested was for drug possession after Monterey County sheriff’s deputies found meth and marijuana in his vehicle. Martinez was also charged with trespassing, and his tattoos tie him to a local foreign criminal gang (think MS-13).

Again I am A-okay with this. Good bye and good riddance! Go Trump.

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