More Unintended Consequences From Open Borders

November 21, 2011

Google is probably happy, but Oracle’s Larry Ellison may not be. Here’s the deal. Civil cases are being knocked off the docket in federal courts as a result of a glut of criminal cases particularly related to drugs and immigration according to a recent piece in the Wall Street Journal. Public defender cases are also getting short shrift, so it’s not just the big corporations being slighted, it’s everyone.

Ellison is suing Google claiming intellectual property infringement over patents held by Oracle Corp. that Oracle claims are being used in Google’s Android smartphone and it’s been dragging on for 2 years!

Additionally, government over-reach has expanded the federal rule book with heaps of new criminal statutes and regulations contributing to a 70% jump in the number of pending federal criminal cases in the last ten years with civil cases are getting squeezed the most.

Not surprisingly the districts with the most backlog are:

  • The 9th District which includes both our Northern and Southern borders (15,159 cases)
  • The 5th District which¬† includes Texas and our Southern border (13,012 cases)
  • The 4th District which includes Washington D.C. (12,265 cases)
  • The 2nd District which includes New York (7,764 cases)
  • The 11th District which includes Florida (6,394 cases)

The right to a speedy trial is guaranteed to defendants in criminal proceedings by the US Constitution (6th Amendment), and if the federal government would close and secure our borders it would be a lot better for criminal and civil defendants, not to mention the rest of us!

Aloha, Mikie

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